Mint pants and a frilly top

Skull necklace

Pants: Go Jane (similar, similar, similar)
Top: Loft, thrifted
Sandals: c/o Wanted 2010 (similar)
Necklace: gift from my mom (similar, similar)

Holy crap my skin is translucent! Wow. Look at those veins in my hand. Now I know why I usually get asked if I’m sick if I’m not wearing makeup. Ok, even if I am wearing makeup. Someone always thinks I’m ill because I’m just so pale. I’ve been waiting most of my adult life to reach that level of porcelain skin that many people seem to reach. I’m just reaching new levels of translucency. Pretty sure you’ll be able to see my organs through my stomach soon enough. Any other pale people feel the same?


Graphic dress


Dress: Prabal Gurung for Target (exact)
Necklace: TJ Maxx (in gold)
Sandals: Steve Madden via DSW (similar)

Today was so nice out! Such a great change from the colder weather we’ve been having lately. I mean, look at my pale legs! This dress was a recent find. I liked it when it first came to Target, but I wasn’t about to spend almost $50 on it. Instead I found it on the clearance rack for just over $13 a couple weeks ago. That’s a price I can get on board with! I can’t explain why I’m leaning toward black and white lately, it’s really different for me, but I like it. Also, these shoes are fantastic. I can’t find the exact ones online, but they’re at DSW in this color (bone), tan and black. I want them in every color.

And, a happy anniversary to Joe. We’ve been married now for four years and together for just shy of nine. Thanks for putting up with the crazy! 🙂


The cerulean sweater

IMG_1353 IMG_1348

Cardigan: Marshalls, c/o my mother (similar, similar, similar– awesome sleeve detail!)
Top: Gap (similar)
Pants: LOFT, last fall
Earrings: Muse, birthday gift (they’re fake druzy quartz)
Shoes: Toms (exact)

My mom has this sweater in white. Guess what we both wore today? Like mother, like daughter! Also, it was snowing today. SNOWING! I’m kind of excited and scared. Snow is awesome but snow at the end of April is scary, amiright? Global warming and all that.

We’ve discussed Loafy’s daredevil tendencies before, I believe. She walked back and forth on this railing the entire time I was taking photos. Crazy cat!


Fun scarf and an orange cardigan

Hey, look! I got dressed in something other than yoga pants! I’m still in a t-shirt, but at least it looks more professional.

fun scarf, orange cardigan
Betsey johnson earrings

Tee: Gap body, thrifted (exact)
Pants: Old Navy (exact)
Cardigan: Nine West, Marshalls (similar)
Scarf: Calvin Klein, Marshalls
Earrings: Betsey Johnson, Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: Target (last fall, I think) (similar)

This outfit is basically step one in figuring out what the hell my “style” is. I like quirky things like the lightning bolt earrings (they remind me of Harry Potter!) and the colorful scarf. But I feel more subdued than I have previously. I’m thinking tees and flats are my new go-to and I’m OK with that! Totally off topic, but have you read Jen’s post about bras? I’ve been wearing the wrong size since I was 15 and never thought it was wrong! Turns out I was off by a band size AND two cup sizes. Amazing what a better fitting bra can do for your back problems and your clothes!


Wearing yellow to a LBD party

On Friday I headed off to an event that I’d get to dress up for. The party consists of music, casino-style gaming, a silent auction, and everyone gets dressed in their finest “little black dress” (or suit) to come out and support a cause. This year, the party benefited the nonprofit I work for.

This may not come as a shock, but I don’t actually own an entirely black dress, so I opted to borrow one from Lost and Found Vintage in Royal Oak. Does it surprise anyone that I picked a dress that wasn’t black? Instead, I opted for this 1950s soft yellow dress. It perfectly matches one of the colors of our brand, which may also be why I picked it.


Dress: Borrowed from Lost and Found Vintage (just borrowed didn’t purchase it!)
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Bracelet: Anika Burke 

Lost and Found Vintage has one of the most insane selections of vintage clothing I’ve ever seen. It’s one of those stores you almost need to see to appreciate what they have. They’ve graciously offered to host a giveaway next week, and I’m really excited to share the item with you. Hopefully you’ll all love it! And, in the upcoming weeks I’ll be giving you a view of the store. They do have an online shop, which features more of their delicate and really special items. If you live in Michigan, it’s one of those stores you need to go take a look in, just to see what you can find.


Guest posting for Unusual Form

Today you’ll find me over on Kara’s blog, Unusual Form. I’m showing off a great dress I got from Asos a few months back (and wore before I recut my bangs!)



I swear I still exist!

Hi, remember me? I sometimes blog here. Oh, and I used to have bangs, then grew them out, then cut them again in my bathroom when Joe left me alone with scissors. He used to come home and find me with wild color hair, but now he just has to worry that he’ll come home and I’ll have new hair cut, or one of the cats will be shaved. This time I cute my own hair (Loafy was thankful).

Anyway, last weekend Joe and I took a trip to Tennessee where I met Jenni for the first time. You know what it’s like to meet someone you’ve been talking to for two years and feel like you’ve known them forever? Yeah, that’s Jenni!

I have some photos to share (after I get copies from Jenni!) and we have some stories to tell involving corn mazes, Mario Party and the Titans.

But before I do that, I decided to share this outfit with you, because there’s nothing like waving funny stories in your face, then taking them away at the last-minute. I know, I know. But I do have a funny story regarding my outfit!


Joe laughed when he saw me wearing four bracelets, asking where the “arm party” was, knowing I hate that phrase. Then he decided that four bracelets isn’t an arm party, but more of an arm afternoon siesta. For it to be a party they need to reach my elbow (or so Joe says).

Top: Ann Taylor
Cardigan: c/o Karen Kane
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Forever 21
Bracelets: H&M and c/o Anika Burke
Umbrella: Target

PS- happy birthday to my mom!


So many shapes!


I have been in such a funk lately. I know all of us feel this way at one point or another, so my feelings of stress and being overwhelmed are nothing new to many of us. But because of my professional job and some things I’m working on outside of this blog, I’m beginning to change my priorities.

In the past, I would make sure I was dressed in something other than a t-shirt, jeans and a sweatshirt, because who wants to see me dressed in that every day? No one (not even ME).  But now, I find myself relishing extra sleep in the morning, and lamenting getting dressed in anything but jeans and a t-shirt. Because that’s not very excited, and I often feel (and look) like I just woke up, I’m been slacking on taking photos.

I’m not going to apologize for not taking photos as often. I highly doubt it would really be exciting for any of you to see me in jeans and a t-shirt every single day.  But, I’m also not going to promise that I’m going to go back to my previous schedule. As much fun as I have blogging, this isn’t my job. Frankly, this blog is an outlet for me from my day job. This is just something I do that is frivolous and fun, and offers me the opportunity to share my personal style, regardless of how kooky and unfashionable it may be to others (we’ve all seen the cartoon food dress, right?). Everyone has a different outlet, and mine is the slightly absurd hobby of posting photos of myself online.

I am not giving up on this blog, or stopping my posts. But, as you may have noticed, I’m not posting as much as I used to. And honestly, I’m OK with it, so I hope you are too.

The bracelet is tough to see, but it’s a pentagram shape, which is why I bought it. It’s annoying to wear while typing!

Tank: Target
Skirt: Anthropologie
Jacket: Thrifted
Shoes: Modcloth (years before this went down)
Bracelet: Asos
Necklace: LOFT
Purse: Borrowed from my mom (she has fabulous taste!)

PS- if you feel so inclined, Speedy Girl is offering a contest on their Facebook page. Vote for your favorite look (doesn’t have to be mine!) and whoever votes for the winning look has an opportunity to win a $50 to the shop.  (You are required to “like” the page to cast your vote).


It’s cartoon food. On a dress.


I really like patterns that most other people probably won’t. I am 100% sure that is what drew me to this dress. I adore comic book style art, and the fact that it’s food makes it really funny to me. I don’t think most people would wear, or would want to wear a dress with this print all over it, but I have to admit that if you ignore the print, the dress has a very flattering shape (except the wind was blowing like crazy, so I kind of look like I’m wearing culottes. Or a romper, which is the 2010 word for 1980s culottes).

Besides, who am I to say no to a food print dress? I mean, c’mon. You guys know me better than that! Oh, and it has pockets. Sold.

Dress: Folter
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Forever 21
Necklace: Anthro
Cardigan: Target (last summer)


Michigan bloggers, unite!

Photo from Sara

On Saturday, Liz helped me schlep some stuff to the park in Ann Arbor, for our meetup and clothes swap. It was really nice to see the ladies I’ve hung out with before (Jacelyn, Katie, Alicia), and meet some new faces (Sara, Cat, Brittney and Tiffany). There were a few other ladies that were planning to attend but one got lost (uhoh!) and the other had something else come up. It’s a bummer because they’re both so fabulous and I love seeing them, so next time we’ll get them out to Ann Arbor.


Liz and I picked up some Faygo and Better Made chips (Michigan brands, if you’re from out-of-state). I also made up some blogger bingo cards and we all chatted, and three ladies walked away with some pretty sweet prizes c/o my wallet (yeah, I just wrote that.).

Speedy Girl sent an item for each attendee there, which was really fun. Liz helped me go through the items before the meetup, and I pointed things out I thought each attendee would like, and I was spot on with many of them! (This is what happens when you read someone’s fashion blog a lot- you learn their style!).

Anika Burke also sent rings for the ladies, and I have to say, they were all amazing! Cat’s perfectly matched her outfit. In fact, I think I asked her a few times if she was sure that’s the one she got, because it was just too perfect!
The ring in this photo… seriously perfect match!

I found myself wearing what I already predicted would become my fall go-to outfit, and it looks like I’m right!


Top/dress: c/o Speedy Girl
Cardigan: Old Navy
Jeggings: c/o Karen Kane
Boots: Target
Scarf: Forever 21

The other attendees:

Sara from She is Sara
Liz from 26 and Counting
Cat from Midwest Mayhem
Tiffany from Nynga +The  Bear 
Britney from Woodstock Hearts Fashion
Jaclyn from Stay in the Lines
Katie from Fashion Frugality

PS- while you’re reading this, I’ll be sweating bullets on TV. Yeah. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, and hopefully will have a clip!