Shop my closet!


I’ve been busy sorting and organizing my clothes and shoes over the past few days, getting some ready to sell. I have so much clothes, so little space, and I’d love to find new owners for the stuff I can’t keep any longer. I’m using the Poshmark app to upload the information about my closet. If you don’t have the app, but have an iphone, you can download it and use the code HCQAN to get $5 credit for yourself (and me!).

You can check out the things I’ve added so far and I’m planning to add new things every day. If you don’t have the app, but would like to buy something, please email me at smooreink (at)gmail(dot)com. or tweet me @redheaded. If you’re buying off-app please add $5 for shipping (the app automatically includes shipping to the purchase price).



Shop my closet

I did a massive closet overhaul a few weekends ago, and pulled out many items I don’t really wear anymore, but are still in fabulous condition, and listed them for sale here (or click the picture above).
Accessories \ Tops \ Skirts \ Dresses \ Vintage

Most items are either $10 or $15, and I have some other stuff to list later this week (more skirts and some shoes!). If you see something you want, be the first one to email me about it, and I’ll put it on hold for you. Once you’ve paid the invoice, I’ll mail it out.

Prices include US shipping- contact me for international rates.


Shop my closet

I’ve been working on the “shop my closet” area of this blog for a while. I have clothes that are in good condition but I’m not wearing it for whatever reason.  So rather than donate them, I figured I’d put them up here.

If you see something you like, send me an email.

I have a BUNCH of other things to add to it, so I’ll be adding those throughout the next few weeks.


My closet is bursting at the seams!

While I’m on my shopping ban, I’ve decided I need to clean out my closet. It’s going to be a slow process, but I figure I can do what many other bloggers do and open a “shop my closet” feature, because my closet is bursting at the seams!!


So, if you’re lookin’ to go shopping, why not start in my closet? You never know what you’ll find!

(Things will be added as I go through my closet and find other things that I don’t wear as often. I also have many sizes, so please look around!)

I’m willing to sell, or trade for something of equal value. Just send me an email at MissVinylAhoyBlog (at) gmail (dot) com.