Graphic dress


Dress: Prabal Gurung for Target (exact)
Necklace: TJ Maxx (in gold)
Sandals: Steve Madden via DSW (similar)

Today was so nice out! Such a great change from the colder weather we’ve been having lately. I mean, look at my pale legs! This dress was a recent find. I liked it when it first came to Target, but I wasn’t about to spend almost $50 on it. Instead I found it on the clearance rack for just over $13 a couple weeks ago. That’s a price I can get on board with! I can’t explain why I’m leaning toward black and white lately, it’s really different for me, but I like it. Also, these shoes are fantastic. I can’t find the exact ones online, but they’re at DSW in this color (bone), tan and black. I want them in every color.

And, a happy anniversary to Joe. We’ve been married now for four years and together for just shy of nine. Thanks for putting up with the crazy! 🙂


Welcome to my kitchen. Hungry?

(Me: Loafy do you want to be in the picture?
Loafy: NO!)
Dress: Vintage, salvation army ($5!!)
Shoes: Nine West
Pearls: Old (and fake)
Belt: F21

Sad thing? I actually was cooking as I took these photos because I was just that hungry! I found this dress at the salvation army. I couldn’t tell if it was actually from the 50s or from the revival in the 80s. I don’t really care, because it’s awesome!

Welcome to my new haircut. I did it on a whim Wednesday night. I had my scissors in my hand, and asked for advice on Twitter. Yes, Twitter. Isn’t that where you go for all your advice?

Simply because I had some pink Manic Panic around, I added some to my hair. It fades out in a few washes, so it won’t be in for more than a few days.

And, because I was so amused with my hair this morning, this is what it looked like when I woke up:
(Yes, I slept in my makeup. No, I’m not proud of it.)

♄ Suze


Wingtips, brouges and saddle shoes.

When Joe and I were married, he picked out his tux himself. He’s got an interesting style, usually consisting of band t-shirts, jeans and some form of sneakers. But, when we got married he really wanted a white tux and wingtip shoes. I have to say, he looked pretty good!
(I do not know why his foot is touching Hakiem’s, or why it’s so close to Jay’s)
See? Wingtips!

Anyway, every since then, I’ve been on a wingtip/saddle shoe kick. Yes, I know they’re not the same. (Wingtips, or brouges, get the name from the W shape on the toe. Saddle shoes get the name from the “saddle” of black leather in the middle.)

Even though they are a slightly masculine shoe, I’ve been wanting my own pair. So, what do I do when I find this pair on Forever 21?

I cry, sniff back my tears and wonder if it’s OK to completely fall off the wagon. I have purchased two other things since those buckle boots last week. A 50% off Zac Posen for Target dress (yes, the brocade one with the giant bow!) and a bottle of shampoo.

When I get over that compulsion, I decide to buy the shoes. I mean, I’ve already fallen off the wagon, why not fall a little faster? 🙂
But, I did buy this color instead of the black and white version:

I didn’t want to relive this ancient memory again in black and white shoes:

Although, we were cute. (The taller girl is Cher, and I am the little one)



DIY Miu Miu shoes

If you read my DIY Miu Miu collar post, I hinted at making a few Miu Miu inspired pieces. These shoes have been in the works for about two weeks.
Awesome-Miu-Miu-Platform-Mary-Janes (1)
I was going for the look of these, without the crystal bird. I found a pair of t-strap mary janes at the thrift store, a half-size too small (so Cher will be inheriting my DIY results).

You will need:
-1 pair of maryjanes- look for rounded toes, thick heels, and a platform.
-Light pink and black paint (for ones like mine), gold and black paint or dark blue and white paint for others.
-Paint brushes
-Drawings or stencils of swallows, cats or ladies (whatever you’d like to use)

These are the shoes I used. I cleaned them off, getting them ready to paint. I was able to do a few coats everyday.
I painted the whole shoe, including the soles. It took about four days total to get the entire shoe covered. Once the pink was dry I went to work on the birds.
I didn’t put on as many birds as used in the Miu Miu shoes, mostly because I didn’t want them to look the exact same, and I thought they looked good with fewer.

Happy painting!



My weekend of being MIA

I didn’t realize I was totally MIA this weekend until I was trying to catch up on the 400+ items in my blog reader. Whoops.

This weekend was spent with my family, which was pretty awesome.

I’ve also got a few upcoming posts that have to do with these things:
I’m currently waiting for MORE thumbtacks, because I severely underestimated how many I’d need.

I can’t wait to finish and publish that DIY, because it’s way easier than I thought it would be.

♄ Suze


I’m in trouble now!

Alright, fine. Maybe it was a dumb idea to impose a shopping ban on myself. But after paying a speeding ticket, books for Joe for school and new tabs for his car (and needing to save to pay for new ones for mine!), it was high time we started saving a little money.

I was warned to stay out of stores, and not look online. But did I listen? No. I never listen! And while I wasn’t listening, and pretending that I could still shop, I made a list of the things I wish I could buy.


Apparently I like to torture myself. I’m thinking I might be able to DIY the dress with the bird at the bottom, but we’ll see.

I’m going to help my mom spray some weeds now. Yes, it’s about as fun as it sounds.

Hope you all have a good Memorial Day!


Does Loafy approve of my shoes?

What’s that Loafy? You want to see the shoes I got? Welll…

OK. Fine. I’ll show them to you.

Yes, I got the awesome shoes I wanted. But, I didn’t get them from Modcloth, since I have huge feet, and the largest size they had was a ten. I ended up finding them cheaper elsewhere, which was awesome. I’m super excited to style them, and Loafy even approves!


Shoes… oh holy crap…

I’m feeling like Cher a little bit right now. I usually don’t get super enthusiastic about shoes. They’re not usually the thing I think about. I tend to obsess over dresses, skirts and jewelry. I leave the shoes to Cher.

But I’ve been obsessing over this pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes for a while:

But, I can’t afford $200 for a pair of shoes. Call me crazy, but I haven’t spent that amount of money on anything lately, save for a car payment or two.

So, as bummed as I am that I can’t buy those, I’ve been searching for a similar shoe, with few results. It’s hard to find shoes to fit the giant, to be honest. Most places carry only one or two pairs of 10s and I’m lucky if any have an 11! (I’m between sizes, depending on the shape/fit).

But, as I was perusing Amazon, I found a brand that I KNOW fits me as an 11, and I found these:

And they’re only $80.

Mom, Cher, if you’re out there- please get them for me for my birthday!

Love, me.


Summer Sandals

I only own one pair of sandals, aside from flip-flops, and they’re about three years old, wedges, and falling apart. I’ve been trying to decide what I want to do for the summer. I can either buy another pair of wedges, similar to what I have, or get something completely different.

I’m thinking of getting something completely different. I’m really loving the trend of flat sandals lately, because sometimes I just don’t want to wear heels, but I can’t wear flip-flops to work. Even though another female coworker of mine wears flip-flops, like Old Navy bright blue flip-flops to work in the summer.

Anyway, I found a bunch of sandals, all under $50, that I like.

Flat Sandals

(To see the stores and prices you have to click on the photo).

Do any of you guys own flat sandals? Do you like them?


Do my tears of mourning sink beneath the sun?

Do my tears of mourning sink beneath the sun?

Top: Liberty of London for Target
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Guess via Buffalo Exchange
Necklace: Target
Ring: Courtesy of LaShae Jewelry

I wore this outfit today to greet and speak to a group of high school kids. I wanted to look professional, but I dislike suits, so that wasn’t happening. Plus, I’m only 24 so I wanted to look my age. But it’s hard to look your age when you still make funny faces in photos when your heel sinks into dirt, LOL.

And, I’m proud to say I’ve finally caught up on Glee. The first episode I ever watched was last week’s Madonna episode. Holy crap. I was missing out on a great show. I should’ve expected to like. I love musicals and if I were a better singer, would be involved in community theatre. Finn is hot. But so’s Noah. Ah the draw of [fake] high school boys! I’m glad our school wasn’t like that, but then again no one ever thought to toss a slurpee in your face. I have a feeling I would’ve been a recipient if that were the case.

I hated high school. I know I’ve talked about it before, but I really hated high school. College was much better. I wasn’t forced to be friends with people who didn’t like me. I could be friends with whomever I wanted without feeling like others were going to judge me.

But I digress.

LaShae Jewelry provided the ring in this post.