Is this thing on?

Hello those out there who still read this. It’s been awhile. I’ve been trying to figure out if I wanted to blog anymore and if I had anything worth blogging about. The job I started in 2011 changed the way I dressed. Instead of dressing in skirts and jackets, I wore jeans and t-shirts nearly every day. Why would I document that, and who wants to see that?

Now I spend nearly every day in yoga pants and t-shirts, another outfit that doesn’t need to be documented. By that reasoning, the very beginning and need for this blog had kind of ended. I don’t have any fun household DIYs or recipes to share. I don’t cook well, and I don’t think that’s something that’s very interesting to other people because of my lack of cooking skills (I do make rad mac and cheese, though).

I enjoyed blogging when I did it. I loved the community I felt, and still am in touch with many of those people to this day. I miss that part of blogging. I don’t miss feeling stressed out, wondering if I looked “blog worthy” or if I would have enough time and light to take my photos before the sun set.


So this is where I decide what I want to do. My whole reasoning behind wanting/needing an outlet for my outfits was because I of where I worked and that I wanted to be able to express myself in an outward way. Because that’s changed, I’m trying to decide the next phase of my life. I’m spending most of my time focused on finding a job and purging items I don’t need, in case that job takes me across the country. In order to fund this potential move, I am planning to have a blog sale of my nicer and vintage clothing items. Hopefully someone out there will love them as much as I did, but will be able to wear them more than I did.

(This isn’t a “hey I’m quitting blogging” post. It’s more of a “hey, I owe you all an explanation, but can’t get into it right now, and I’m working on coming back” post.)


Garden party

Garden Party 3-11-10





3-11-10 headband

Dress: Anthropologie via Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Payless
Headband: F21
Earrings: Gift, Macys (thanks mom!)

Yeah, lots of pics today. But I love this dress, so I felt like showing it off. And, it was raining out, so I couldn’t go out and get photos. Boo.
I got SO many compliments on this dress. It was actually kinda funny. Usually my sartorial choices are completely opposite of most people I work with, so they never comment, but this dress is so pretty, they all did!

The dress is originally from Anthropologie, but I got it at Buffalo Exchange, new WITH tags, for $32. Sah-weet! I really can’t afford anything from Anthropologie on a normal budget, because $200 is A LOT for me to spend on a dress. But when I find it used, I can swing $32.
I pretty much love everything about this dress and I’m sure I’ll wear it more in the spring/summer.


Weekend Update

This weekend hasn’t been one of my favorites. I began my day at my old professor’s memorial service. I was OK until I saw her husband. Then I lost it.

I had considered taking a photo of my funeral attire, but decided I didn’t feel like showing my tear-stained face. So, I polyvored the closet thing I could find to what I actually wore.

There were probably 300 people at her memorial. It was amazing. She was a wonderful person and I’ll always have great memories of her.

After the memorial, Joe and I went out. We’re both upset at the loss and needed a little getaway.

Now I’m at home, typing this. I have two skirts I never wear and a few patterns, so I think I will try my hand at sewing and we’ll see what happens.
Thrifted 7

This is a closeup of the first skirt. I think I will try to turn it into a shirt. We’ll see if it works!

Wish me luck!


Nautical Nonsense

That’s right! I was watching Spongebob was I typed this up.

This outfit is based on something Cher told me I should wear. I would rather have worn it with my light colored sailor style pants and red “apple pie” shoes, but it’s still too cold for all that.

Nautical Nonsense



This is how I would like to wear it when the snow melts:

Sweater: Gift, AE
T-shirt: Jcrew
Pants: Limited Via Marshalls
Boots: Charlotte Russe
Octopus Necklace: Modcloth
Anchor Necklace: F21

I love the details of the necklaces and although one is silver and one is brass, I think they look good together. Now, if only I had a sailor hat…


Is a spending freeze a good thing?

My husband and I need a new mattress. Because of this, we’ve decided to go on a “spending freeze.”

Basically, we’re not allowed to spend ANY money until the end of February. Well, we did set up some parameters.

Things we need to get to work on a daily basis, such as gas, are allowed. Grocery store food purchases ONLY. No fast food, no shopping, no video games.

We should be able to save a decent amount between now and March 1 this way. If it works out, we’ll both get $20 in March to spend on whatever we want.

I’ve already picked out my prize:

A wonderful dress from H&M’s spring garden collection, in stores at the end of March.

I have no idea if we’ll be able to last until then, but I hope so! The giant pile of hand-me-downs Cher gave me should curb my shopping appeal for awhile. And Joe just renewed his Xbox 360 subscription, so he’ll be good for three months. I’m hoping he’ll be able to take his frustrations out on his Xbox because he’s quitting smoking… Again… I think it’s good. It’ll save us A LOT of money he doesn’t like to admit he’s spending. $5 per pack, two packs per week makes your fun money go away really fast.

Oh yeah- Netflix is allowed and encouraged, since that will be one of our only forms of entertainment. This might seem odd, but we need to save our money for bigger purchases instead of spend it on new stuff. So expect to see lots more posts about DIY, clothing re-dos and lots more remixes.

What’s the weirdest thing you did to save money?


Sad face time :( (and a question for you!)

2010-01-14 10-09-29.865

This is what happens when my camera stops working. I was taking photos of my outfit yesterday when my camera shut off. Well, that bums  me out. I was really excited about my clothes yesterday- I wore really simple pants and a great cardigan I don’t wear as often as I’d like to.

I’m also bummed because my photos from Tuesday are in the same camera! Well, hopefully it’s something I can fix easily when I get home today. I didn’t have enough time to deal with the messed up camera yesterday because I had to run out to volleyball (wut!).

I’m also working on my post for tomorrow which includes a couple of old t-shirts, some thread and maybe even an old (or new) belt buckle. I haven’t yet decided.

So, instead, I ask off of you to vote. Would you rather see a DIY of a shirt or a DIY how to make your own belt?
(they’re both pretty simple)

Thanks readers, I appreciate your feedback!


Ever have one of those days? Where you don’t wanna wake up?

Today has been another of those days.

Nothing particularly bad has happened, I even looked cute today! But I just felt like blah. I just feel like things are just within my grasp but just outside of it. I feel like I need a change. I need to get out of Michigan, but I don’t know where I want to end up. I don’t know what I want to do and I don’t know where I should be. I would love to be writing for a newspaper again, but I haven’t done it in so long I don’t know if I’d get hired. I’d love to write for online blogs/news/stuff, but I don’t know where to begin. What counts as “real” online and can be used to push me forward in the future?

Ah, I just am unsure of things and I don’t know how to remedy the situation.

I want something sweet. Cookies or something. Maybe some macaroons?:)
More macaroons!

In the meantime, as I pout about the direction of my life and attempt to find ways to change it (it’s took early for a quarter-century crisis!), I shall continue to take photos, work on my evolving novel, knit my never-ending infinity scarf and just moving along.

Something has to give and I hope it’s not me.


Trash bag skirt and mod tights

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing really seems to be going right, but you can’t figure out why? It’s not like you woke up late, dropped your breakfast or stubbed your toe. You dressed cute, in your new shiny grey skirt and 70s throwback tights and went right on to work. 

That’s when it all went downhill. That skirt that you thought was so cute, that you couldn’t wait to wear, was getting laughed at. You were told it looked like a trash bag. You kindly remind your coworkers you wouldn’t actually wear a trash bag to work no matter how liberal your fashion choices might be. But that just gets laughed at even more. Then you’re asked if it’s even made of fabric. When you reply, “yes, it’s taffeta,” you’re told it looks like one of those duct tape outfits kids would wear to prom. 

This skirt will never again see the office. Not when you’re told it’s a trash bag.

1-4-09 009

1-4-09 005

1-4-09 013

1-4-09 007

1-4-09 012

Top: Charlotte Russe

Skirt: Express, via Marshalls

Tights: Betsey Johnson, via Marshalls

Necklace: Self made with mother’s pocket watch

Sorry for the bad photos- the husband and I were busy reorganizing our living room where I usually take pics, so I was unable to get any really good ones because my usual self made tripod is now gone!

Does the skirt seriously look bad?


Happy New Year! Lets chat about plans, shall we?

First off I want to wish everyone a happy new year and thank everyone who’s been reading my posts. I don’t know who most of you are, but it makes me happy to know that someone out there is reading them.

I am super excited about the new year. I feel like there are more opportunities in my work life and personal life to make some awesome changes and do some awesome things.

I don’t plan to make any resolutions, but I do have some plans I’d like to discuss. During 2010 I would like to:

1. Get up and get dressed (nicely) every day and take more time to do my hair
2. Continue to take daily photos of what I’m wearing
3. Write at least one post everyday
4. Continue working on my writing, especially the story/novel I’m developing
5. Clean and organize my entire apartment
6. Work out with the hubby three times a week

That’s pretty much all I’ve got right now. My reasoning for #1 is because I really like dressing nicely. I’m not talking skirts and high heels everyday, but I don’t need to wear scrubby clothes to run errands. I can still look nice in jeans and a t-shirt.
My reason for #2 is because I’ve really enjoyed looking back at what I’ve worn. It’s nice to see how I would change things.
#3 is because I like to write and I like to write daily posts. I think I have enough stuff I can talk about that I can continue.
#4 is strictly personal. I have always enjoyed writing and I’ve been having these weird dreams lately that I started to write down and have started to compile in a story of sorts.
#5 is because it needs to be done. It’s going to suck, but things need to be cleaned and organized.

Anyway, this weekend is a nice weekend of relaxation. I’ve still got a cold, so I’m not planning to do much, except maybe do some laundry and organize my shoes.


Black and yellow, but not a bumblebee…

Date worn: 12-1-09

I really wanted to wear these new yellow tights I bought, but I didn’t want to look like I dipped my legs into melted crayons. So, I decided to wear them with my boots (which I love) and my poofy satin skirt. I figured the mix would be biker and girlie. Totally worked. I loved my outfit… Until I got a run in my tights. Grrrr… I was ticked. I used superglue to stop the run, and ended up glueing the tights to my leg and was thisclose to glueing my finger to it too! Thankfully I didn’t.

12-1-09 10

12-1-09 9

12-1-09 8

12-1-09 7

12-1-09 6

12-1-09 1

Shirt: F21
Jacket: F21
Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: Target
Boots: Charlotte Russe