Little Miss Betsy painted me!!

While Miss Suze is lucky enough to be in Texas for The Texas Style Council blogger weekend of awesomeness she’s asked a few of us to step in and keep all of you, her dear readers, entertained.
In an effort to be polite I should introduce myself. I’m Betsy of Miss B Gets Dressed and I’m so thrilled that Suze asked me to come over here and say hi to all of you. She was the first blogger to really introduce me to the blogging community. *cue music* I remember the day she first tweeted me. Sigh. And here she has asked me to do my first guest post ever! Eek!
I know most guests posts are about  the guest blogger but I thought you all might miss Suze so I doodled a few little likenesses of our pretty friend.
I even came up with an outfit for her! It’s like she’s here right?!  You all should recognize the pieces above because they are ones she’s worn before, some of my favorites to be specific. Of course I had to paint the queen of pattern mixing in my favorite of her patterned blouses and her zanny zig zag tights! That little leather pencil skirt is something I dream of having the courage to wear. Shoes and hat? I’m just a sucker for a good cloche and pair of T-straps.
So in the process of trolling through Suze’s posts trying to find items to dress her up in I found this picture:
and just had to paint it!
Now it’s like Suze isn’t even gone?
If you all are still craving an outfit post you can pop on over my blog and join the little pity party we are having for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to hop down to Austin for the weekend and meet Miss Suze in person.
So nice to meet all of you!