My dress fabric shows up as another dress and skirt!

Have you ever had one of those moments where you see something that looks really familiar to you, before realizing you own something made with the very same fabric? I wore this dress back in 2011, when my hair was red and shorter than it is now.
IMG_4954 copy

I came across this dress and this skirt on eshakti and noticed the fabric immediately.

It’s the same fabric as my dress! So weird and yet so cool.


Fun scarf and an orange cardigan

Hey, look! I got dressed in something other than yoga pants! I’m still in a t-shirt, but at least it looks more professional.

fun scarf, orange cardigan
Betsey johnson earrings

Tee: Gap body, thrifted (exact)
Pants: Old Navy (exact)
Cardigan: Nine West, Marshalls (similar)
Scarf: Calvin Klein, Marshalls
Earrings: Betsey Johnson, Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: Target (last fall, I think) (similar)

This outfit is basically step one in figuring out what the hell my “style” is. I like quirky things like the lightning bolt earrings (they remind me of Harry Potter!) and the colorful scarf. But I feel more subdued than I have previously. I’m thinking tees and flats are my new go-to and I’m OK with that! Totally off topic, but have you read Jen’s post about bras? I’ve been wearing the wrong size since I was 15 and never thought it was wrong! Turns out I was off by a band size AND two cup sizes. Amazing what a better fitting bra can do for your back problems and your clothes!


The one with the new dress

IMG_4954 copy
IMG_4949 copy
IMG_4921 copy
IMG_4975 copy
IMG_4990 copy

Today is my sister’s birthday, so I HAD to look totally festive in this pretty dress, right?
This dress is the direct result of a real-life Marshalls commercial. I went in, saw it and bought it for $40. Then, I went to a “fancy” store with my sister and mom later in the week, and found this same dress for sale, for full price.
Max-anista indeed. (TJ Maxx and Marshalls are owned by the same parent company, so I can call myself that, even though I didn’t get it at TJ Maxx, right?)

While taking photos, I wanted to do a cute leap, like so many other bloggers do, so I set it up and did the cutest leap I could…

and cut off my own head.
IMG_4978 copy

Go me.

IMG_4918 copy

High five guys, high five.


Irony of ironies (#28)

12.16.2010 28 of 30
(I’m lazy. Only one pic today.)

Top, leggings: Forever 21
Necklace, belt: Modcloth
Dress (as a skirt): Vintage
Shoes: Nine West

So, the hilarious (and ironic) part of yesterday: as I’m watching this post go live, and all the craziness go down, I’m wearing a Modcloth necklace. Yeah, I know. I’m crazy. But, if you read the post, you know that it’s not Modcloth bashing; it’s pointing out relabeling, reselling and suppliers, using Modcloth and Forever 21 as examples. And, to be honest, Modcloth does have a cute store. The offer nice things that the indie girl in us all falls for. And there is nothing wrong with that.

BTW, I’m done responding to comments on the post from yesterday and earlier today. You guys can say whatever you want, but I’m done trying to defend myself against all the “OMG- you hate Modcloth! Bitch!” fangirls (and boys) that keep leaving me rude comments.

Anyway, I just wanted to clarify and thank everyone that chimed in, RTed, tweeted, commented, posted, etc, etc. You’re all amazing and I really appreciate the great reception of the post. (You know, minus those few that name-called and told me “the world doesn’t revolve around you!” It actually does, dammit. I am the sun. What? don’t act like you didn’t know.)


PS: Outfit #30 will be posted this weekend, where I will reveal the winner! 🙂


The Twelfth Night


Top: Old navy
Skirt: Gift
Cardigan: J Crew
Belt, necklace: Forever 21
Tights: American Apparel
Shoes: Nine West

Alright, so the remote didn’t work like I thought it would. Oh well. Guess I need to keep trying!! This skirt is WAY to big for me, so I pinned it on, creating a random pleat in the front. No one could tell.

These tights are quite the show stoppers. I was stopped by a neighbor this morning who asked “where do you work that you can wear those?!” I told him I worked for a nonprofit (I should’ve said I was a writer!). I showed my coworkers the tights, and with the exception of one guy thinking I had tattooed the punctuation on, everyone else thought they were awesome!

This is not the shirt I wanted to wear today. I really wanted to wear the black zipper detailed top, but I couldn’t find it. Apparently that means I need to do laundry. *Sigh*


Title: Shakespeare


Four and five (plus Denard Robinson!!)

Sorry, had to sneak Loafy in. She’s been a very good girl lately, and I thought she deserved a little love 🙂
Top, cardigan, boots: Target
Pants: Old Navy

Comfy look for hanging out with Emily. We went to the mall and hung out for a bit, I bought Emily her Christmas gift (a really cute sweater!!). Then we headed into Ann Arbor.


Top, pants: Old Navy
Vest, boots: Target
Purse: Nine West (old)

Before I get comments about wearing this vest when I didn’t include it in my 30, I need to explain that I think of vests the same way I think of leggings. They’re an accessory. I wouldn’t wear leggings without a tunic or dress, and I wouldn’t wear a vest alone because it’s not a shirt. So, to me, it’s an accessory, not a part of the thirty. You’re welcome to fight me on that, but I will not give in, LOL 🙂

Emily and I got to meet Denard Robinson, the Michigan football team quarterback.

Yay! Alright, whatever. He was really nice.



30 for 30 (again)

First, thanks for all the kind thoughts yesterday. It’s not work burnout or anything, it’s a family illness, and sometimes it’s tough to deal with. But anyway, onto today’s topic!

Once again, I find myself participating in Kendi’s 30 for 30.

I’m pretty excited to do this again, because life is REALLY busy right now, so this will be a welcome change for me (plus I’ll only have to focus on 30 pieces for the entire month, so I can concentrate on doing all the laundry that’s been piling up for months…)

It took a little time and planning, but I’ve picked my 30. I forced myself to choose different pieces than I had for the last challenge because I didn’t want repeats.

1. Nine West
2. Jessica Simpson
3. Target
4. Spring
5. Forever 21
6. Target

1. Kenneth Cole
2. Old Navy
3. Old navy

1. Forever 21
2. Tucker for Target
3. Kensie
4. Erin Fetherson for Target
5. H&M
6. Target
7. Old navy

1. Thrifted
2. H&M
3. H&M
4. Vintage

1. Vintage
2. Anthropologie via Buffalo Exchange
3. Charlotte Russe
4. Vintage, c/o Archives

1. Jcrew
2. Target
3. Target
4. Target
5. Forever 21
6. Hand-me-down

What do you think? Enough crazy stuff to mix and match? 🙂

PS- lighting sucks when you take photos by flash at 11 pm. Just warning everyone. Don’t do it!


I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints

126_6706 126_6705
Top: H&M
Cardigan: Target
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Nine West via Ebay
Necklace: Gift
Belt: Forever 21
Tights: Some British website…

So. Those last two photos. They’re awesome, right? The first one, I was being a ham. The second one, well, that is me reacting to the wind’s attempt at blowing up my skirt. Apparently I make the same face in either situation. Nice to know.

Confession? I thought the white stripe in my shirt was actually yellow. It wasn’t until I was dressed, at work and eating lunch that I noticed it was white. Oops.

Oh, and if you follow me on twitter, you know that I was in yet ANOTHER car accident on Saturday, with my friend Emily. Thankfully, I wasn’t at fault (yet again) but I still have to take my car to get fixed. It’s not nearly as bad as last time, costing only $1300 (DAYUM!). When I called Joe (and my mom) to tell them both what happened, they laughed! This is the 4th time I’ve been rear-ended/ hit the side of my car in THREE YEARS. I’m beginning to think I’m cursed. Or maybe I just drive an invisible car. I think I might secretly be Wonder Woman but with a car instead of a jet (yes, I am a comic book dork).



PS- Happy birthday Sonia! 🙂

Title song: Billy Joel – Only the Good Die Young


Princes’ kept the view

126_6513 126_6514
Top, jacket: Forever 21
Skirt: Gift, Express (last season)
Shoes: Nine West via Ebay
Tights: Love Colour, Love Tights
Necklace: Hand-me-down

I haven’t worn this skirt or top on the blog since March, so I figured they were due another shot. Joe has dubbed this top my “watchtower top” and began singing Jimi Hendrix to me. It was an interesting Tuesday morning, to say the least.
No one seemed to think my clock/stripe/floral outfit was weird at work. Although having to break into my coworker’s office may have taken away some of the attention (heh). (She accidentally locked her keys in her office; the only other copy was with a person across the state who won’t be back until Monday.)

When I was at work, one of the ladies asked, off hand, “how many closet full of clothes” I owned.

When I told her I had one closet that I shared with my husband, she looked shocked. I felt slightly uncomfortable. I make probably half of her salary, purchase nice clothes when I can, shop thrifty and try to save my money, yet here she is assuming I have TONS of clothes. I suppose I should take it as a compliment, since it highlights how will I mix up everything, yet all I could think about was “why do people think I have so much clothes?!”

Maybe others don’t pay as much attention to my clothing as I do, especially if they don’t see me all the time. I rewear everything I own in different ways. I never wear an outfit the same way twice, because that’s apparently how I live my life.

Maybe I’m creating a mountain out of a molehill. How about it, readers? Have you had someone ask you about your closet space and the amount of clothing you own? What’d you say? What would you say now if someone asked?


Title song: All Along the Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix


Welcome to my kitchen. Hungry?

(Me: Loafy do you want to be in the picture?
Loafy: NO!)
Dress: Vintage, salvation army ($5!!)
Shoes: Nine West
Pearls: Old (and fake)
Belt: F21

Sad thing? I actually was cooking as I took these photos because I was just that hungry! I found this dress at the salvation army. I couldn’t tell if it was actually from the 50s or from the revival in the 80s. I don’t really care, because it’s awesome!

Welcome to my new haircut. I did it on a whim Wednesday night. I had my scissors in my hand, and asked for advice on Twitter. Yes, Twitter. Isn’t that where you go for all your advice?

Simply because I had some pink Manic Panic around, I added some to my hair. It fades out in a few washes, so it won’t be in for more than a few days.

And, because I was so amused with my hair this morning, this is what it looked like when I woke up:
(Yes, I slept in my makeup. No, I’m not proud of it.)

♥ Suze