Michigan bloggers, unite!

Photo from Sara

On Saturday, Liz helped me schlep some stuff to the park in Ann Arbor, for our meetup and clothes swap. It was really nice to see the ladies I’ve hung out with before (Jacelyn, Katie, Alicia), and meet some new faces (Sara, Cat, Brittney and Tiffany). There were a few other ladies that were planning to attend but one got lost (uhoh!) and the other had something else come up. It’s a bummer because they’re both so fabulous and I love seeing them, so next time we’ll get them out to Ann Arbor.


Liz and I picked up some Faygo and Better Made chips (Michigan brands, if you’re from out-of-state). I also made up some blogger bingo cards and we all chatted, and three ladies walked away with some pretty sweet prizes c/o my wallet (yeah, I just wrote that.).

Speedy Girl sent an item for each attendee there, which was really fun. Liz helped me go through the items before the meetup, and I pointed things out I thought each attendee would like, and I was spot on with many of them! (This is what happens when you read someone’s fashion blog a lot- you learn their style!).

Anika Burke also sent rings for the ladies, and I have to say, they were all amazing! Cat’s perfectly matched her outfit. In fact, I think I asked her a few times if she was sure that’s the one she got, because it was just too perfect!
The ring in this photo… seriously perfect match!

I found myself wearing what I already predicted would become my fall go-to outfit, and it looks like I’m right!


Top/dress: c/o Speedy Girl
Cardigan: Old Navy
Jeggings: c/o Karen Kane
Boots: Target
Scarf: Forever 21

The other attendees:

Sara from She is Sara
Liz from 26 and Counting
Cat from Midwest Mayhem
Tiffany from Nynga +The  Bear 
Britney from Woodstock Hearts Fashion
Jaclyn from Stay in the Lines
Katie from Fashion Frugality

PS- while you’re reading this, I’ll be sweating bullets on TV. Yeah. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, and hopefully will have a clip!


Michigan Blogger Meetup September 24

I decided it is time for another Michigan Blogger Meetup.

This time, I thought it was be fun to meet at Nichols Arboretum in Ann Arbor. It’s a really pretty park with free parking! I’m thinking picnic blankets, balloons and a fun clothing swap!

The Arb is also pretty close to some of the shopping areas downtown, in case we want to head that way.

The meetup is open to anyone (bloggers, readers, significant others, etc). My only requirements: bring a blanket to sit on and clothing to swap (if you want to swap anything).

Please RSVP here:

*Edit- the form should now work (stupid plugins…)

And, in case you need directions to the Arb, here they are!

PS- in the case of really cold or rainy weather I am working on a backup plan, so please make sure to give me your email so I can update you in case we need to move the location.


Blogger meetup! (Ann Arbor edition)

11 of 30
Top, cardigan: Old Navy
Jeans: really, really old
Shoes: Forever 21
Scarf, belt: H&M
Earrings: gift

On Friday, I headed out to Ann Arbor for a blogger meetup. We were a mix of fashion/style bloggers and life bloggers. I’ve been following these ladies on twitter on through their blogs for months, so it was awesome to meet them in person.

I met up with Dorothy from Dash Dot Dotty to take some outfits photos, and so we could hang out a little beforehand. She is SO sweet. And she wore the cutest dress (sequins, hello?!). Awesome. (Big thanks for taking my photos!!)

Then, after the meet up, Katie, Vanessa and I decided to take photos together. Because, you know, we’re hams like that. There were very few serious photos. Most turned out like this:

But we did manage to get one nice one!
(last two photos are via Vanessa and her sister)

And there is now an info page about Paper Doll Project. Check it out and sign up for our March style swap!