10 things you must tell yourself today

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I keep reminding myself that it’s never too late for my dreams. Joe has been encouraging me to shift away from negative thoughts and talk, because I often fall into that “can’t, don’t, won’t” trap. It’s been tough, but I’m making progress and my mental state is beginning to thank me for it. Instead of focusing on what I can’t do, I focus on what I can. One of my goals for this year was to learn to be less negative and less critical of myself. Slowly, slowly, it’s working. And that makes me happy.


2013 goals


2012 wasn’t my year. Let’s be honest, neither was 2011. I refuse to let 2013 be a failure. I’m not one for resolutions, because I feel like they’re things I think are a good idea for about five minutes, then I kind of get over it (like going to the gym or getting consistent haircuts).

Instead of making a resolution I’ll never follow through I put together some goals that I want to work on this year, and hopefully they will help my outlook on life.

1. Get better organized
I am terrible at organization and terrible at keeping things tidy. TERRIBLE at it. I’d really like to get better organized and use the space Joe and I have more efficiently. I’d also like to streamline the things I own and get rid of clothes, shoes, etc that I don’t wear/use. I feel like it’s more of a clutter issue that I need to combat first, then I can figure out how to better store the crap I’m keeping.

2. Focus on happiness instead of negativity
I didn’t realize how negative I’d become over the past few months until Joe pointed it out to me. Once I realized it, I started to wonder who else had noticed it but didn’t feel like they could tell me, and it made me really sad. I’ve always been more of a happy (albeit cynical) person, but lately everything has just become a big pity party. And frankly I’m sick of it. My life isn’t any worse than anyone else’s and positive, happy things happen everyday. Those are the things I need to focus on. So I’m going to share something every day (maybe via twitter?) that made me happy. If I force myself to think of the positive things it should become second nature, right?

3. Find a job I enjoy
This one might be a little harder to accomplish, but I’ve been searching for a job in general and am hopeful I’ll be able to find something soon. I am also hoping to find something I enjoy doing, regardless of what it is. Who knows, I might really enjoy working at Starbucks!

4. Find a hobby
I really enjoy reading and writing, but these are both things I’ve been neglecting lately. I want something to do that doesn’t involve spending money or staring at a TV. Maybe that’s writing, maybe it’ll involved being super organized, or maybe I’ll become fantastic at painting designs on my nails (don’t count on it, ha!). Whatever it is, I want to find something that’s fun that I enjoy doing.

Do you have any goals or resolutions? Do you stick to yours or find yourself giving in by February?


The Cher Vs. Susan Challenge

As I talked about yesterday, my sister Cher and I decided to challenge each other to put together three outfits using items we actually owned through Polyvore.

We’re both using black leggings for each set. But, even our leggings are different! Cher’s are sparkly and mine are just plain black.

Friday’s set was to be based on wearing to work, then wearing it out.
Here’s my set:

Friday vs. Cher
I actually wore this outfit today, with a few changes. I’ll post that in a bit.
This is what Cher came up with:
Friday Vs. Susan
See how different these are?
We are such opposites. We’re working on two others, and I’ll post those shortly.

The craziness that will be this week

I have a feeling this week is going to kick my butt. I’ve got almost four more sections of my work’s Web site to redo (before the end of the month), three events I need to plan, invitations that need to go out, and I won’t be at work part of Thursday, or at all on Friday.
I think I’ll end up at work longer than I have been in a while. Although, I know what the most important things to do are, and what can wait. On Friday, while I’m helping my sister, I’ll be able to work on the Web site from offsite which means I can basically ignore it until then. The invitations needs to go out ASAP, so I really need to finish my list. That’s the first thing I’ll be doing tomorrow.
But, until then, I’m trying to finish my laundry now, and I’ve begun my story for NaNoWriMo, but we’ll see how that goes (another thing I can work on this weekend). I also got dismissed from jury duty, which is awesome. I never even had to go in, even though I was technically called twice, they called me off both times.
I’ve been cleaning out my closet and adding a few new things to it. This is my plan for what I’m wearing tomorrow:
Outfit for Nov 2
Headband: Forever 21
Shirt: Jcrew
Vest: Old Navy
Skirt: Forever 21
Knee socks: Target
Shoes: Spring
These shoes were hidden in a box in the middle of my living room (I’m messy). I found them last week while I was cleaning and realized I’d never worn them before. I think they’ll look really cute with the checkered skirt, so I’ll be wearing this tomorrow. Tomorrow, November 2, is also my anniversary with my husband. We’ve been together for five years, and married for six months. We’re probably not gonna do anything, except pay bills, but maybe I ca surprise him with a nice dinner.

Anyway, back to the giant laundry pile…

High school.

I haven’t hidden the fact that I hated high school, and my existence from age 11 to age 18 was terrible. Some of it was because of the people I choose to hang out with (I shouldn’t have been friends with people who were so two-faced) and some of it was because I was miserable, and I let that seep out of myself. I let myself be overtaken with my own anger, self-inflicted pain and self-consciousness. I choose my own path, but that doesn’t mean it was the right or wrong one.

 I’m very happy with the way my life is now, even if I’m still a little too blunt sometimes. Most of my friends and coworkers like that I’m very open and very blunt. But it rubs others the wrong way. I’ve always been like that and I’ve never really found a reason to censor myself. I like telling it like it is, and if I’m ticked off, you’re gonna hear about it. I don’t care if you’re too lazy to (FILL IN THE BLANK), you’d better get off your ass and do it. I’m not going to take your crap unless you can take mine.

That’s where Joe comes in. He’s pretty much the only person besides Cher who can take all the crap I have to dish out and doesn’t mind. He knows I’m gonna get pissed and yell at someone. He knows I’m going to be very blunt, and it doesn’t bother him. It’s actually kinda nice. He doesn’t get all weirded out when I just want to sit at home at read (Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, anyone?). He actually likes my geekiness, and enjoys that I know very odd facts. He likes that I want to write a book, and I’m actually doing it. And it doesn’t bother him one bit that I don’t plan to go to my high school reunion or care to go back to my hometown of Dexter for any extended period of time, other than to visit my parents. He’s fine with it all.

That’s why he’s so awesome, and why now is so much better than high school. Although, every once in a blue moon, I get asked by one of the few friends I still have from high school, why I won’t go to the reunion. My answer is very simple – I don’t care to go back and rub in everyone’s face what I’m doing with my life, and I don’t care for them to rub it in mine. We get that enough on Facebook, and that’s enough for me. I don’t need to brag to someone about how I created this or that, or whatever, and I don’t need them to do it to me. If someone wants to hang out, they can call me. It’s that simple.

High school was hell and I’m so glad to be out.

10 things that make me terribly happy


1. a guilty pleasure book
2. the feeling of sand under my feet
3. vintage things (clothes, movies, pictures)
4. fun shoes
5. homemade spinach and artichoke dip
6. my cats
7. when my husband takes out the trash without me asking
8. Sheldon, on “The Big Bang Theory”
9. talking to my sister on the phone
10. Chicago