DIY Halloween: Twiggy

(If you didn’t see it, here’s the backstory to this series)

This costume is another easy one if you own a vintage dress or a shift dress. Using Twiggy as my inspiration, I wore a vintage dress, green flats and attempted to make my hair not look like I had bangs. It kinda worked.

You will need:
Shift dress or skinny vintage dress
Flat shoes
Black eyeliner
Hairspray and hair pins (if you have long hair)

My look:
Vintage dress: Etsy
Flats: Modcloth
Earrings: Forever 21

I did my makeup similar to Twiggy’s, using this graphic I found:
twiggy eyes

I made my hair as flat to my head as possible, pinning it in place. I sprayed the heck outta my bangs so they’d stay to the side, and they kinda did.

It’s another simple, easy costume.

Up next, Ke$ha…


DIY Halloween 2010

DIY Halloween 2010

Just beginning to think about what you’d like to be for Halloween?

Starting next week, and heading into October, I’ll be showcasing 10 costumes of the (simple) DIY and shop-your-closet/wear-stuff-you-already-own variety.

I’m sick of all the “sexy” costumes and I’m sick of spending a fortune on something I’ll never wear again, aren’t you?

If you missed my twitpic last night, my official Halloween costume is in the above collage. I made the hat last night using 120 feet of ribbon. It’s so heavy, I have to figure out how to attach it to my head.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I’m pretty excited about my new feature 🙂


PS- I’ve made myself a Facebook page. For outtake photos, sneak peaks and random other bits of fun, please “like” it 🙂


Halloween costume ideas!

Around this time of the year (you know, my birthday!) I begin to think about Halloween. I LOVE Halloween.

I love dressing up, I love the parties. But I do not like paying for a new costume every year. So, beginning September 24, I’ll be posting free, shop-in-your-closet Halloween costume ideas (with my interpretation!) every Friday, plus a few extra days leading up to Halloween.

I’ve decided on most of the costumes I want to recreate, but I also want to give you all a chance to request one from me. This way, we can see how truly creative I can be!

So, bring it on. What would you like to see me (attempt) to recreate for free for Halloween?


PS- yes, those are my pumpkins for a year or so ago. I always make them puke. I don’t know why…