Red pants, comfy top and new hair

Top: c/o Karen Kane
Pants: Express
Shoes: Target

It’s really hard to get photos of your new hair color and bright red pants when a storm is rolling in.
Yup, I dyed my hair. Some of you may be shocked to learn that I’m not a natural redhead, I’m naturally blonde (my eyebrows give it away). So now, my eyebrows are way lighter than my hair, which makes me laugh. I felt like I needed a change, so this is what I went with. Hopefully it will transition nicely into fall. If not, I’ll be back to bright red in no time.

I also need to point out this shirt. It’s so comfortable. My own mother tried to steal it from me. It’s drape-y in the front, and has long enough sleeves that I was comfortable all day long at work. Yes, it’s now 60 degrees instead of 95, so my body is having a hard time adjusting. It’s very odd here in Michigan right now. But, then again, the weather always is!


Day two! Maroon it is.

IMG_2644 IMG_2632
Dress (as a top): Deep by Los Angeles
Skirt: Thrifted, Express
Tights: c/o We Love Colors, maroon
Shoes: Forever 21
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Purse: Gift from my mama, Coach

I picked my pieces out for the 30×30 on Friday, and have pondered them all weekend, making up little outfits I can wear. I feel very comfortable with all the pieces, but I find myself wanting to wear them since they’re all I’m thinking about! Thankfully, I was able to talk myself out of wearing head-to-toe 30×30 pieces, save for one. I’m not revealing my pieces yet, because one is still up in the air. Actually it’s just buried in the hamper. Or in the back of the closet. Or maybe Loafy ate this one too… I’m really not sure where it is, so I might have to swap it for something else, but I’m hopeful I’ll still find it!

Anyway, back to the outfit. It’s such a different look from yesterday. Today I’m very country/princess, while yesterday I was NEON legs. Ha. Isn’t that the fun of fashion though? Being able to mix it up and pull off different styles? That’s how I look at it anyway.

My mom bought me this purse as a “congrats on your new job!” gift. My sister sent me flowers. My husband? He made me dinner. Mac & Cheese. You can tell how much he loves me by the amazing dinner he made me. 🙂



How I mixed patterns

Top: Express
Skirt: Tulle
Jacket: Forever 21
Necklace: Modcloth
Shoes: Target
Tights: We Love Colors (Spruce green)

There’s only one picture today, because I was on dad-duty last night, and I begged my mom to take it because  I loved it!

After my post on Monday about mixing patterns, I felt it was only approriate I wear an outfit mixing patterns. It’s not the most extreme of mixes, but it works!

This is also the first REAL outfit I’ve worn after a weekend of PJs, sweats and t-shirts. Even yesterday I spent the entire day in my PJs, but that was because I wanted to be comfortable while staying with my dad.

I want to thank everyone for your well-wishes, comments and tweets about my December wrap-up post. It’s tough to talk about and I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to talk about it, but I felt like I needed to. So, thank you for listening.

On a lighter note, I am so excited for The Cape. Why? Because I love superheros. I’m a comic dork. Just ask my husband. He (and the collection in the closet) will vouch for me.



Why didn’t you tell me my bun was crooked?!

12.7.2010 22 of 30
Top, cardigan: Target
Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: c/o We Love Colors
Shoes: Forever 21
Gloves: Old Navy
Coat: Vintage, thrifted

Oh, that’s right, my camera doesn’t talk. This is what happens when you take your own photos. I’m jealous of all the bloggers with husband/boyfriends/roommates who take their photos. I have to set up my tripod, use my remote and I can’t tell if my bun is even or not. Oh well. Ya’ll get to see my side bun today. It’s kinda 80s, right?!

I realized I posted an outfit with the coat yesterday, but not everyone knows the story behind the coat. Last winter, I headed to a thrift store near my home. I found this coat and a 60s curly wool coat with the original buttons AND mink collar. I bought them both for less than $20. They’re in excellent condition and are really, really warm.
And, just to let everyone know, I don’t purchase NEW fur. But if I find something vintage (like the other coat), with real fur, I’ll buy it. It may sound weird, but that fur collar is the only real fur I own, and that poor mink was gone in the 60s, long before I ever owned the coat.

So, yes, that’s how I justify it!



Thirdsday (getting sick of these puns yet?)

third IMG_0288
IMG_0281 IMG_0300

Dress: c/o Archives
Crochet tights: c/o We Love Colors (ivory)
Nude tights (underneath): Target
Shoes: Mossimo
Necklace: Forever 21
Belt: From an Express dress

Never take photos in the rain. Never. They’ll turn out like these. Blurry and very grey. Whatever. I’ll get the hang of this camera some day (I hope). I actually figured out why I couldn’t focus the camera. Apparently the “MF AF” option means “manual focus” and “auto focus.” WTF. I am a moron. So, anyway, some of these photos were taken outside and are a little blurry, and some were taken inside and aren’t so blurry.

And a quick note to all my new followers- hi! I’m really excited you like my blog. A few things you should know about me: I’m obsessed with Star Wars, I love COLOR and I’m not a natural redhead (I’m a natural blonde), but I fake it well.

I luuuurrrrrve this dress bytheway. Lisa at Archives KNEW I’d love it, so she sent it to me. And man, was she right!! It’s linen, so it wrinkles pretty easily, but who cares? I feel like Christina Hendricks in this dress and that’s all that matters.


Archives and We Love Colors are sponsors of Miss Vinyl Ahoy

30 for 30 (again)

First, thanks for all the kind thoughts yesterday. It’s not work burnout or anything, it’s a family illness, and sometimes it’s tough to deal with. But anyway, onto today’s topic!

Once again, I find myself participating in Kendi’s 30 for 30.

I’m pretty excited to do this again, because life is REALLY busy right now, so this will be a welcome change for me (plus I’ll only have to focus on 30 pieces for the entire month, so I can concentrate on doing all the laundry that’s been piling up for months…)

It took a little time and planning, but I’ve picked my 30. I forced myself to choose different pieces than I had for the last challenge because I didn’t want repeats.

1. Nine West
2. Jessica Simpson
3. Target
4. Spring
5. Forever 21
6. Target

1. Kenneth Cole
2. Old Navy
3. Old navy

1. Forever 21
2. Tucker for Target
3. Kensie
4. Erin Fetherson for Target
5. H&M
6. Target
7. Old navy

1. Thrifted
2. H&M
3. H&M
4. Vintage

1. Vintage
2. Anthropologie via Buffalo Exchange
3. Charlotte Russe
4. Vintage, c/o Archives

1. Jcrew
2. Target
3. Target
4. Target
5. Forever 21
6. Hand-me-down

What do you think? Enough crazy stuff to mix and match? 🙂

PS- lighting sucks when you take photos by flash at 11 pm. Just warning everyone. Don’t do it!


The cider mill and cemetery

Emily and I went to Forest Lawn cemetery in Dexter, our old hometown, to visit her grandma today. We wondered around, looking for Judge Dexter’s headstone, finally finding it on the other end of the cemetery.
Emily bought me this skirt from Goodwill a few weekends back. It’s a tad too long for my liking, but I don’t know if I really have the patience to hem it shorter. I almost don’t care.
After our excursion in the cemetery, we went to the cider mill, in search of fresh cider. The line was out the door!

Although I went to middle school and high school in Dexter, I’d never taken a trip to the cider mill, although I can’t really explain why. I suppose it’s a normal thing for kids to do, but I never did it.

Top: Express
Skirt: Thrifted, by Emily
Shoes: Forever 21
Necklace: Anthro, via Kendi
Cardi: Trade with WWANW
Belt: Off an Express dress
Tights: Target

Photos by Emily!


Photo shoot part 4, around the tracks and Joe’s fav

I switched outerwear again, and Georgia snapped a few more shots at the old train station stop before we headed to Ann Arbor.

porch BW
train porch

(This was right before then train drove through)

outside 2
outside 3

These are Joe’s favorites, taken in Ann Arbor. He wants them framed, in order, and hung on the wall because he says they are VERY me.

Untitled-1 copy

Yes, I was trying to hold myself up against the wall. Apparently when you’re not at zero gravity and your shoes are slippery, it can be quite difficult. But, this is my reaction to most things in life: laugh and get over it. 🙂

Jeans, blue cardigan: Old Navy
Khaki pants: Express
White button down, polka dot shirt, shoes: Forever 21
Red coat: BB Dakota


Photo shoot part 3, the tracks

Georgia and I had a ton of fun on this part of our shoot. I know it’s kind of a blogger norm to take photos on train tracks, but as a tripod-self-photo-taker, it’s hard to do them alone. Plus, I never know when the train is coming.

train 3
train 2
train 5
train 4

We were listening for trains the whole time we were taking photos on the tracks. Since neither of us currently live in Dexter, we weren’t sure when the trains come by (we went to high school together). I used to work at a restaurant right by the tracks, but that was four years ago.

When we finished the photos on the tracks, we walked to the old station building (Dexter is no longer a station for any trains- you have to go to Ann Arbor to get on/off). A few minutes later, an Amtrak train (#37!) came flying past. It was kinda hilarious and scary at the same time. If we had been on the tracks we would’ve have to jump off! So, thankfully we weren’t on the tracks at the time.

Pants: Express
Shirt, shoes: Forever 21
Coat: Vintage Saks, thrifted
Fur collar: Borrowed from a BB Dakota jacket


Photo shoot part 2 (the flower shop!)

At this point, Georgia and I headed over to the Dexter Flowers shop. The owner was really nice about us shooting in her shop, even retrieving a bucket of flowers from the back she thought would match my hair.

flower shop 4
flower shop
flower shop 5

A quick outerwear change…

flower shop 3
flower shop 2

(I love this one)
And now, a quick location change (outside the coffee shop)

coffee shop
coffee shop 2

Blue cardigan: Old navy
Beige pants: Express
White shirt and nude shoes: Forever 21
Brocade jacket: Vintage Saks, thrifted
Lipstick: Revlon Fuschia Fusion

Tomorrow, you’ll see our trip to the train tracks.