What I wore for Halloween

74021_454235584002_692029002_5551092_5986101_nLast night I went to the Boo Bash in Royal Oak Michigan, at the Royal Oak Music Theater.  I was planning to go in my Lady Gaga costume, but I couldn’t find the lace shirt! So I had to do a last-minute switch.

I’ve always wanted to dress as Columbia from Rocky Horror, so I decided to do it last night. With the quick addition of a gold hat, and wearing stuff I already owned, it totally rocked!


Sadly, only a handful of people knew who I was (many hadn’t seen Rocky Horror). I was tapped on the shoulder a few times and asked “are you from Rocky Horror?” But the best was then I was walking back to the car and the guy walking behind me (whom I didn’t know) starting singing The Time Warp! That pretty much made my night.


When I was deciding how to dress as Columbia, I realize she has very extreme makeup:
Rocky 500

I ended up using a glue stick to hide my eyebrows. Some people thought I had shaved them off, but no, they’re there, just glued down.


See? Proof!

My costume consists of:
DIY Miu Miu collar; Halloween store hat (I added the black ribbon); Express tube top; Material Girl sequin jacket; Volleyball shorts: We Love Colors socks; Forever 21 heels

BTW- with those shoes and the hat, I was about 6’3″! It was AMAZING! I was like an amazon woman.

What were you for Halloween?


DIY Halloween: Sweeney Todd

I love Sweeney Todd. It’s one of my favorite musicals, and when it was redone by Tim Burton, I fell in love with it all over again.

Yeah, so Sweeney’s a guy, but I figured I could recreate his costume and I’d rather dress up like him then as Mrs. Lovett.

To get this look:
White collared shirt
Dark pants
Dark vest
Dark scarf
An old fashioned razor (fake)  (I didn’t have one)
White face paint ($1 at Target)
Dark shoes, oxfords are good

My look:
Shirt, vest: Old Navy
Pants: Express
Scarf: Gift
Shoes: Borrowed from Joe

To get the look, I back-combed the top of my hair and pinned it to the back of my head. Then, using white facepaint, I painted the white streak in my hair. Other options would be to use dry shampoo that leaves white residue or baby powder. The face paint was tough to wash out of my hair, I’ll be honest.

I also used a mix of purple eyeshadow and red facepaint to give myself the bruises under my eyes and red-rimed eyes. To use facepaint to line your eyes, go OUTSIDE the lashline. It will hurt really badly if you get it in your eyes.

When I was done with this look, I added more makeup to turn myself into a zombie, which you can see on my facebook page.



DIY Halloween: Lady Gaga

(If you didn’t see it, here’s the backstory to this series)

Rah rah ah ah ah ro-ma ro-ma-ma Gaga ooh la la…
Lady Gaga 1
Lady Gaga 2
Ruckus is being a creepy black cat for Halloween. She’s already winning. (BTW- I use a camera with a timer on a tripod. She’s not starting at anyone but the camera. SHE KNOWS!!)

59771127Lady Gaga! This costume is fun. You can be as crazy or as “normal” as you want. You can chose to make a crazy hat, or make a simple one. You can also decide if you want to wear a nude shirt under the lace (like I did), or if you’re just going to wear the lace shirt.

This is the Gaga look that inspired me, along with Santana from Glee’s Gaga episode last year. You’ll notice that I chose to not make a mask. I’m not really a mask person, but if you chose to make one, get a black eye mask (from a craft store) and cover it in lace. Or, you can go the Glee route and draw on fake lace (if you’re good at facepainting.)

You’ll need:
Long sleeve lace shirt with ruched shoulders
Floral lace tights
Black shorts
Nude shirt
Black booties/heels
DIY loop hat (DIY below)
Crap tons of makeup
Rolled up socks or thick shoulder pads

My look (yes, I already owned everything minus the hat):
Lace shirt: F21
Tights/shorts: Target
Booties: Nine West
Nude undershirt: Borrowed
DIY hat
Knee socks (shoulder padding): Target

The hat is the most difficult thing. Here’s the simple DIY:
Take 40 yards (give or take 20 yards) of thick black ribbon (depending on how big you want the hat), create loops of about 6-8 inches of ribbon and hot glue them onto an old hat (cut off the brim first). Easy peasy. Just time consuming.

To redo Gaga’s makeup, I drew in my eyebrows with black eyeliner, lined my eyes really thick, and smudged on fuchsia lipstick. I also glue on false eyelashes (they tickled!).

Next up: I love Lucy!


PS- as always, let me know if you have any questions. This is probably my favorite costume so far!


DIY Halloween: Ke$ha

(If you didn’t see it, here’s the backstory to this series)

Ke$ha was the first “difficult” costume to do. There were many different ways to go, different things to wear or do. I have two interpretations of her.

The first is the not-so-crazy glitter covered version:

For this look you will need:
Lace shirt
Old tee shirt (ripped up if you want)
Black shorts
Black heels
Sequin jacket (or leather)
Feather earrings

My look:
DIY ripped tee
Lace top/shoes: F21
Tights/ Shorts: Target
Earrings: Not sure…

The second look is the “sad-clown” look. It’s much more obvious it’s Ke$ha than the first:

For this look you will need:
Tank top
Black eyeliner
Every necklace you can find
Black heels
Fake nose ring

My look:
Tank/ shoes: Forever 21
Shorts: Target
Belt: Hot topic
Necklaces: everywhere (Target, Charlotte Russe, Modcloth, Forever 21)

I wore a pretty simple outfit this time, concentrating on the makeup. The make the “sad clown” look, you use black eyeliner and draw it on. I used a large jewelry jump-ring to make a fake nose ring, adding to the overall look.

Next week – Lady Gaga and Lucille Ball


DIY Halloween: Twiggy

(If you didn’t see it, here’s the backstory to this series)

This costume is another easy one if you own a vintage dress or a shift dress. Using Twiggy as my inspiration, I wore a vintage dress, green flats and attempted to make my hair not look like I had bangs. It kinda worked.

You will need:
Shift dress or skinny vintage dress
Flat shoes
Black eyeliner
Hairspray and hair pins (if you have long hair)

My look:
Vintage dress: Etsy
Flats: Modcloth
Earrings: Forever 21

I did my makeup similar to Twiggy’s, using this graphic I found:
twiggy eyes

I made my hair as flat to my head as possible, pinning it in place. I sprayed the heck outta my bangs so they’d stay to the side, and they kinda did.

It’s another simple, easy costume.

Up next, Ke$ha…


DIY Halloween: Alice in Wonderland

(If you didn’t see it, here’s the backstory to this series)
Costume two was also another easy one, costing me zero dollars.

I used Disney’s Alice in Wonderland as my inspiration, wearing the ubiquitous Rodarte for Target dress, the same shoes and tights as the Morton Salt Girl costume.


Alice in Wonderland is a great costume, because it’s very recognizable, without being over-the-top.

You will need:
Blue dress
White tights
Black shoes, preferably mary janes
Black headband or ribbon

Stuffed cat or white rabbit (depending if you want Dinah or the White Rabbit)
Oversized mug/bottle
White apron

If you want to wear a white apron, but don’t have one, try using a white pillow case, pinned over a thick ribbon and tied around your waist (I would’ve demonstrated, but I don’t own any white sheets. Go figure.)

My look:
Dress: Rodarte for Target
Tights: Betsey Johnson
Flats: Charlotte Russe
Headband: Black ribbon
Stuffed cat: Gift in middle school, stand-in for Dinah

There is a lot of interpretation you can do with this look. If you prefer to dress as Alice from the Syfy mini series, trade the white tights for maroon/red/orange tights, the black mary janes for brown ankle boots and wear a long purple jacket over the dress.


Next week, Ke$ha and Twiggy…



DIY Halloween: Morton Salt Girl

(If you didn’t see it, here’s the backstory to this series)

Dear Halloween,

My first attempt to thwart your expensive and often slutty costumes came in at a grand total of $0.59 because I had to buy salt. It is easy, cute and recognizable. Take that!


The Morton Salt Girl is an easy, easy costume if you already own a yellow dress or yellow coat, and umbrella and salt.

You’ll need:
Yellow dress or yellow coat
Yellow or black mary janes or flats
Morton salt
White tights

This costume was super easy, because I already own everything (except salt, apparently) that I needed to put this look together.

Dress: Modcloth (same wrinkly dress from earlier this week)
Tights: Betsey Johnson
Flats: Charlotte Russe
Umbrella: Target
Salt: Meijer

Up next, Alice in Wonderland


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DIY Halloween 2010

DIY Halloween 2010

Just beginning to think about what you’d like to be for Halloween?

Starting next week, and heading into October, I’ll be showcasing 10 costumes of the (simple) DIY and shop-your-closet/wear-stuff-you-already-own variety.

I’m sick of all the “sexy” costumes and I’m sick of spending a fortune on something I’ll never wear again, aren’t you?

If you missed my twitpic last night, my official Halloween costume is in the above collage. I made the hat last night using 120 feet of ribbon. It’s so heavy, I have to figure out how to attach it to my head.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I’m pretty excited about my new feature 🙂


PS- I’ve made myself a Facebook page. For outtake photos, sneak peaks and random other bits of fun, please “like” it 🙂