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I’ve been busy sorting and organizing my clothes and shoes over the past few days, getting some ready to sell. I have so much clothes, so little space, and I’d love to find new owners for the stuff I can’t keep any longer. I’m using the Poshmark app to upload the information about my closet. If you don’t have the app, but have an iphone, you can download it and use the code HCQAN to get $5 credit for yourself (and me!).

You can check out the things I’ve added so far and I’m planning to add new things every day. If you don’t have the app, but would like to buy something, please email me at smooreink (at)gmail(dot)com. or tweet me @redheaded. If you’re buying off-app please add $5 for shipping (the app automatically includes shipping to the purchase price).



What to do with an extra day

This weekend, with my one extra day off work, was a godsend. Joe and I ended up tackling some huge issues that we’ve had around our apartment, including discussing the noise level our neighbors use. We’ve lived in our place for almost four years, and while these people are wonderful and very nice, they have surround sound, and our complex doesn’t have any sound proofing. That means we can hear their TV louder than our own, which sucks. We’ve brought it to their attention before, but, having had surround sound in the past, we know it can be annoying/difficult. For now it seems to be solved.

We also spent a lot of time sorting out our respective wardrobes, because we both own things that are of sentimental value, but aren’t really the correct size. So I tackled this mess in our closet:

Turning it into this:


And we also found Loafy’s hidden dryer-sheet pile (she likes to eat them). She was very mad then we threw them all away!

But my favorite part of the day was when I finally MacGuyvered my own earring rack in my closet:

It’s really cheap and simple. It’s a mesh letter tray from Target (about $3), some hooks to go into the wall, and voila! simple and cheap earring holder away from my cats. Now I can see my earrings without worrying about Loafy turning them into a toy.

What did you do this weekend with your extra day?


My closet makeover

Cher is helping me turn an extra room in my apartment into my dressing room. She wrote about it a little here, but not really in-depth, so I figured I would explain it a little more.

You see, the hubby and I live in a two bedroom apartment and we work different hours. He’s often up at 5 am and at work by 6. I would prefer to sleep till noon, but I can’t do that! I’m up and at my job by 8:30 am.

The days that Joe gets to sleep in are often interrupted by me coming in and out of our room, getting my clothes, makeup and jewelry. So, the answer to our sleep troubles came in the form of me needing more storage for my clothes, and realizing our second bedroom is home to a shelf, my computer and a bunch of boxes. We use it for NOTHING, so it will soon become my dressing room (and off-limits to the kitties!)

Cher and I were going through photos and trying to figure out what I like, because, let’s face it, I look like I live in a Parisian flea market, which is awesome. My apartment is a mishmash of hand-me-downs, handmades and new stuff. We get lots from Ikea (because it’s cheap and we’re poor) and attempt to make everything look awesome.

I have a library of books covering every shelf in the place, stacked two books thick and shoved everywhere in between. Joe and I have a HUGE movie collection spanning two DVD racks (each one hold about 600 DVDS- you do the math).

home stuff

This is my mood board of what I’d like to see incorporated in the dressing room.

And, just to give you some examples of WHY I need this room for all my stuff, this photo should help:
This is the inside of my closet. The entire right side is mine and part of the left side. I’ve kicked Joe out of half of it, because I have so much stuff. And the funny part? I wear all of it.

I’m attempting to spend some of today and most of tomorrow moving around the furniture to make room for a rack or two. When we get everything situated, I’ll post some pics, and (hopefully) I’ll begin to take my daily outfit shots in there instead of posing in front of the blinds.

I found clothes I forgot I owned! Cleaning is fun :)

Today has been a day of organizing, cleaning and sorting. I’ve really had barely anytime to get myself dressed up and leave the apartment, although I did leave once to get a tripod for my camera. I got a little sick of having to prop the camera up on boxes.

But beyond that, I’ve attempted to organize the messy closet Joe and I share. We went to Ikea last night and bought a scarf/tie/belt organizer, tri-level hanger and storage boxes.

The way I clean and organize, which is kinda backward, is taking EVERYTHING out of my closet, going through it and re-hanging it all up. Whew. When I do that, I seem to always find clothes I haven’t have a chance to wear yet. This time was no different. I found a few things and I’m pretty excited to wear them.

Stuff I need to wear

Suspenders, Rodarte for Target dress, Blue tights, Harem pants, Brown leather skirt,  Gold tie necklace, Lace necklace, Polka dot top,  Skirt, Red bolero, Blue heels

 I’m not really the best at organizing or cleaning- just ask my sister! I always know where everything is, even if it’s piled in a laundry basket on the floor (which a lot of my clothes is in). I tend to have more stuff than I have room for, although I wear most stuff I own. Anyway, I’m trying to get better at organizing stuff, so any tips would be very welcome!