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Sometimes we all need a reminder to think positively and ignore the “can’t” and “don’t” statements in our head.


Shabby Apple Winner!

Alright my friends, I’m happy to announce the winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway. (pretend you hear the drumroll…)

Emma! G!

Emma, please check your email. Everyone else, thanks for playing! Hopefully I’ll be able to continue doing fun giveaways. Any suggestions on things you’d like to see/receive? I’ve got some cool vintage stuff some of you might like…


Win $50 GC from Shabby Apple!

Shabby apple
Today is my four year anniversary as a WordPress blogger. Whoa! In true celebratory fashion, I’m hosting a giveaway! The lovely people over at Shabby Apple want to give one of you a $50 gift certificate to their online store. I own a few dress from Shabby Apple and have been very happy with the quality and style options. Some dresses look modern, some look like vintage dresses, and they’re all lady-like and appropriate for work, which makes me happy.

To enter please leave a comment below telling me your favorite item/what you’d buy (I’m nosy and want to know!). This is open to those in the US only (sorry) and ends Friday, May 24.


**Comments are closed. Winner will be announced shortly.**


Mint pants and a frilly top

Skull necklace

Pants: Go Jane (similar, similar, similar)
Top: Loft, thrifted
Sandals: c/o Wanted 2010 (similar)
Necklace: gift from my mom (similar, similar)

Holy crap my skin is translucent! Wow. Look at those veins in my hand. Now I know why I usually get asked if I’m sick if I’m not wearing makeup. Ok, even if I am wearing makeup. Someone always thinks I’m ill because I’m just so pale. I’ve been waiting most of my adult life to reach that level of porcelain skin that many people seem to reach. I’m just reaching new levels of translucency. Pretty sure you’ll be able to see my organs through my stomach soon enough. Any other pale people feel the same?


Graphic dress


Dress: Prabal Gurung for Target (exact)
Necklace: TJ Maxx (in gold)
Sandals: Steve Madden via DSW (similar)

Today was so nice out! Such a great change from the colder weather we’ve been having lately. I mean, look at my pale legs! This dress was a recent find. I liked it when it first came to Target, but I wasn’t about to spend almost $50 on it. Instead I found it on the clearance rack for just over $13 a couple weeks ago. That’s a price I can get on board with! I can’t explain why I’m leaning toward black and white lately, it’s really different for me, but I like it. Also, these shoes are fantastic. I can’t find the exact ones online, but they’re at DSW in this color (bone), tan and black. I want them in every color.

And, a happy anniversary to Joe. We’ve been married now for four years and together for just shy of nine. Thanks for putting up with the crazy! 🙂


The cerulean sweater

IMG_1353 IMG_1348

Cardigan: Marshalls, c/o my mother (similar, similar, similar– awesome sleeve detail!)
Top: Gap (similar)
Pants: LOFT, last fall
Earrings: Muse, birthday gift (they’re fake druzy quartz)
Shoes: Toms (exact)

My mom has this sweater in white. Guess what we both wore today? Like mother, like daughter! Also, it was snowing today. SNOWING! I’m kind of excited and scared. Snow is awesome but snow at the end of April is scary, amiright? Global warming and all that.

We’ve discussed Loafy’s daredevil tendencies before, I believe. She walked back and forth on this railing the entire time I was taking photos. Crazy cat!


Polka dot pants

Polka dot pants


Pants: LOFT (similar, yet more expensive, versions found here and here)
Top: c/o Karen Kane circa 2011 (similar here and here– on sale!)
Shoes: Target (similar)
Earrings: Betsey Johnson (exact)

A few months ago I found these pants at LOFT for $5. Seriously! They’re honestly a tad large in the waist (and just a little too long!), so I know I need to take them in. But that means I need to dig my sewing machine out of storage, blah blah, more excuses here. I figure for the cheap price they were totally worth it to jump on the “polka dot everything” bandwagon. When they’re not popular in the next year or so, I’m not out a bunch of money. Sound like a win-win!

(Ruckus didn’t try to fight me when I held her. I suppose she’s become more affectionate as she ages.)


Fun scarf and an orange cardigan

Hey, look! I got dressed in something other than yoga pants! I’m still in a t-shirt, but at least it looks more professional.

fun scarf, orange cardigan
Betsey johnson earrings

Tee: Gap body, thrifted (exact)
Pants: Old Navy (exact)
Cardigan: Nine West, Marshalls (similar)
Scarf: Calvin Klein, Marshalls
Earrings: Betsey Johnson, Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: Target (last fall, I think) (similar)

This outfit is basically step one in figuring out what the hell my “style” is. I like quirky things like the lightning bolt earrings (they remind me of Harry Potter!) and the colorful scarf. But I feel more subdued than I have previously. I’m thinking tees and flats are my new go-to and I’m OK with that! Totally off topic, but have you read Jen’s post about bras? I’ve been wearing the wrong size since I was 15 and never thought it was wrong! Turns out I was off by a band size AND two cup sizes. Amazing what a better fitting bra can do for your back problems and your clothes!


The long and the short of an explaination

some favorite outfits
Some of my favorite outfits

Over the past two years I’ve had quite a few of you inquire my whereabouts and make sure I was doing OK. I also promised to give you an explanation of what happened and why I stopped blogging.

My life has changed in many ways in a short amount of time. Most of you know that I lost my dad and subsequently started a new job. That job was a great learning experience, both personally and professionally. I stopped feeling the need to blog my outfits because the dress code there was very open and flexible. The CEO wore sweatpants, as did a handful of other employees. I’ve never been one to wear sweatpants to work and even though it was OK to do so there, I never did. However, I did end up with a uniform of sorts in the form of jeans, t-shirts and cardigans. So that’s what I wore nearly every day. At some point I decided that this type of outfit wasn’t worth documenting, because it wasn’t anything new or exciting. I figured that unless I was showing a variety of outfit types, I, along with readers, would get bored.

I was also faced with a coworker who would consistently question my sartorial choices and make fun of them, to my face, if she deemed them unworthy. For example, I do not wear matching socks very often. No one sees my socks and I always seem to get a hole in one sock, but not both. Rather than get rid of both socks, I keep the good one and wear it with another that doesn’t have a match. I don’t think it’s odd, but she did. I wore a pair of Halloween socks in April and she started informing me how it’s not Halloween and how stupid they looked. She did this in front of other coworkers and made me feel about three inches tall, because they’re socks, yet I felt embarrassed for wearing them. They didn’t affect my ability to do my job, but the fact that they impacted her life so much so that she had to tell me why I looked stupid made me begin to question why I wore them.

On another occasion, this coworker told me that I needed to make sure I “ didn’t look better” than her, as we were going on a presentation together, and I traditionally wear a suit for presentations. After this type of verbal harassment continued on a strangely consistent basis, I was in no mood to take photos of a mediocre outfit I had worn that day.

Around this same time Joe and I began house-hunting and packing up our belongings with the hopes of moving into our very own house before the end of 2012. Then, one week after my 27th birthday, I went into work after putting an offer in on a house and I was told I was being laid off. You’d think with all my newly found free time I’d have time to blog again, right? Not exactly. Now I was wearing yoga pants along with my t-shirts and spending my time applying for new jobs, reading books and sorting out all the stuff Joe and I had hurriedly packed up to move into a house, which we obviously didn’t get because we lost my income.

And that brings us to today. I’m still looking for a full-time gig, and have been applying like a madman. I’d love to be able to showcase my style again, because it’s changed, as have I. I am not pairing insane color combinations together any longer, or wearing bright colors all the time. This week I’ve worn mostly black, grey and white, if you can believe it. My style has become less “WEAR ALL THE THINGS!” and has become much more “how can I look like an almost 30-year-old, while maintaining my sense of self and level of professionalism.” I’ve also started trying to maintain a master list of what I own, so I can choose better items to incorporate. Right now that lives on Pinterest, and is nowhere near an exhaustive list. I’m working on it. I have some plans and ideas to revive my wardrobe, my blog and myself. Hopefully I’ll begin to feel more like myself again, and more like myself than I have in the past two years.


Visiting the Jellies

Back in December my sister and I finally went to Shedd! We’ve visited all the museums, somehow never finding the time to visit Shedd (it’s usually packed, with a line out the door by them time we make it to that side of the city).

This time we were determined to get in, arriving minutes after it opened. That was truly the key to getting in quickly and getting the ability to see everything. We stayed for about two hours, finally leaving to get a late breakfast.

fish 2
fish 3
Jellies 4
Jellies 3
Jellyfish 2
Jellyfish 1

There’s a special jellies exhibit, but it wasn’t as full as we both thought it would be. If we hadn’t had a Groupon we wouldn’t have paid the extra money to see them, although they were fun to photograph.