10 things you must tell yourself today

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I keep reminding myself that it’s never too late for my dreams. Joe has been encouraging me to shift away from negative thoughts and talk, because I often fall into that “can’t, don’t, won’t” trap. It’s been tough, but I’m making progress and my mental state is beginning to thank me for it. Instead of focusing on what I can’t do, I focus on what I can. One of my goals for this year was to learn to be less negative and less critical of myself. Slowly, slowly, it’s working. And that makes me happy.


Inspiring thoughts

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Sometimes we all need a reminder to think positively and ignore the “can’t” and “don’t” statements in our head.


Visiting the Jellies

Back in December my sister and I finally went to Shedd! We’ve visited all the museums, somehow never finding the time to visit Shedd (it’s usually packed, with a line out the door by them time we make it to that side of the city).

This time we were determined to get in, arriving minutes after it opened. That was truly the key to getting in quickly and getting the ability to see everything. We stayed for about two hours, finally leaving to get a late breakfast.

fish 2
fish 3
Jellies 4
Jellies 3
Jellyfish 2
Jellyfish 1

There’s a special jellies exhibit, but it wasn’t as full as we both thought it would be. If we hadn’t had a Groupon we wouldn’t have paid the extra money to see them, although they were fun to photograph.


Red Hands

I have been playing this song non-stop all weekend. I love watching the unedited version. I can’t believe this was shot in one take! It is such a fantastic video, and Walk off the Earth is such a great band. Have you seen their cover songs? Wow!


Read like Rory Gilmore

Gilmore Girls was one of those tv shows I watched all the time. My sister and I loved it, watching every week, always paying attention to what Rory was reading. My favorite scene was when Rory went on a date and had a book in her purse, because she always has a book in her purse.

I found this blog where they’ve compiled a list of all the books Rory reads throught the series. Yowza! I’ve added it here, after the jump, and am marking off the books I’ve read or as I read them. Although almost all my books are in storage (due to moving) I still try to read as much as I can, and right now seems like the perfect opportunity to do so.

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Gangnam Style

This song has been stuck in my head all day, and the video? Amazing!
(Gangnam is the wealthy area of Seoul). I love a good K-pop song and thought I’d share this one. Just be prepared to want to learn the dance!


Carpe diem

Sometimes I just need to remind myself to seize the day and enjoy life. I get very wrapped up in my goals that I often forget.

So here’s my reminder:

I am human

This video is amazing. That’s all I’m going to say. It’s about nine minutes long. Watch, enjoy.

(Dear girl at 1:26, me too. Me too.)

The broadcasting team at Liberty Middle School in Madison, Alabama, put together this incredibly powerful video called “I’m Human.” The video features students, faculty, and staff standing against a wall, each holding up a sign that tells you how they’re different. But one thing is the same- they’re all human.



Fall trends I will either make or avoid

The new fall fashions that hit stores in late August are often the harbinger of the cooler weather we’ve been waiting for. So of course the very first day it’s 60 degrees I buy myself a new pair of boots (my old one were falling apart at the seams, literally). But, as mother nature would have it, it was 80 the next day.

As I struggle to decide between packing away my summer togs, and keeping them around a little longer, I wonder how many of the new trends I already own, could easily make, or wouldn’t wear. One rainy afternoon, I decided to do some investigating. (Photos via Refinery 29)

Colored pants are one of the top new trends this fall. But, oh wait, they were also a trend last year. So rather than shelling out money on new pants, why not just dig out the maroon and purple pants I wore last year? Trend 1, check.

Next up are leather skirts. I’ve been rocking one for a few years now that I picked up in a thrift store for pennies. Nice to see that investment is paying off!

Ponchos. Well, I fail this one because I own a cropped cape, but I feel more like Batman wearing it than fashionable. So we’ll just add that to my “to donate” box, and I’ll probably steer clear of this trend, or else I might fool myself into thinking I’m more of a super hero than the Green Hornet, and we all Kato was the real hero there.

High slits are desirable this fall. Well, hand me some scissors so I can hack up my maxi skirts. Or I’ll just skip this trend because it feels more runway or warmer weather appropriate. Can you imagine me walking through snow, with a slit up the front of my skirt? Yeah, me neither.

Tuxedo chic. Why don’t we call it what it really is: fancy waitress. Now I have nothing against menswear as a look for women, I think it can look quite sleek. But these looks make me feel like I should ask what you’d like to drink and tell you the specials. That being said, I did inherit a tie after my father passed away that I will probably wear. Joe and I gave it to him to wear to our wedding, so it’s special to us. Back to fall fashions…

Long duster coats. Also know as “that thing that will get dragged through the snow and trapped in the door of my car on my way to work.” I do own a trench coat that is on the longer side, but again, because of the snow we get here in metro Detroit, I’m not going to wear a floor-length coat anywhere. That’s just asking for trouble.

Rich blue. I actually really like this color. I own a tee-shirt that’s very similar to this color. I think it looks cerulean, which is the best crayon in the entire box. At least it is for me.

Graphic stripes. Didn’t we just go through this trend with all those Prada dresses? I suppose the only way I want to look like I’m wearing baseball pants with garter belts on them is if I’m told it’s fashionable. Time to dig out my old softball uniform and a paint brush. It’s going to be a long night.

Mid calf skirts (weren’t these called midi skirts last year?). Is it just me, or does it seem like skirts on the runways are anything but flattering for the average woman? Sure, these stick-thin models look great in these skirts (even that gold one), but I have a feeling if I wore a skirt to my mid calf that I’d look like I had hiked up my maxi too high.

A few other trends to take note of: pattern mixing, polka dots and dyed furs. I’ve never met a pattern I didn’t like, especially polka dots, but I think I’ll be steering clear of the furs. The last time I brought faux fur into my home Loafy thought it was a new friends and proceeded to groom it for three days.

Are there any fall trends you can’t wait for, or are waiting to disappear?


Nordic Reach

One of my coworkers subscribes to Nordic Reach, a Scandinavian magazine. She brought it in for me, because there was a pretty cool editorial. The photos were taken in Iceland, and were supposed to reflect a volcano… they were all taken before the ash cloud debacle, and the magazine was also in print before that happened.
I love the makeup, the collars, the headbands and hats and the coats. But, oddly enough, the last photo is my favorite. I love her sweater with the scarf, pink top and shiny green skirt. It’s totally wearable, and I wish I could wear it right now and not melt in the heat, LOL.