My outfit forthe wedding. I alway make dumb faces. Happy anniversary @slymbojenkins! I got you this picture.

Hello. You can call me Suze, Sue, Suzie, Q or Red. I’m a 27-year-old writer/PR/social media/marketing professional living in Ann Arbor with my husband, Joe. This blog began as my way to document my outfits, then was neglected for about two years while I dealt with a new job, the loss of a parent and being laid off. Now I’m back, ready to get back into blogging.

The box has a hole. I covered it with a blanket. Ruckus has been sleeping in it for three hours. Dear Loaf is afraid of something...

These are my little minions, Ruckus and Loafy. You’ll see them A LOT on instagram and vine. They love to sleep in my newly washed clothes and destroy lampshades with their claws.  It’s like I have two toddlers who just learned to walk, except these two are furry, have claws and are VERY bitey.

I’m completely obsessed with Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek and comic books. I also really enjoy ska music and random electronica. I have varying tastes.

Welcome to my blog!


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Yay! I like this about page. 🙂 You and your husband is so cute together! I like the pictures especially the last picture too (I agree with agentnikita ^^). I guess Loafy & Ruckus should be here somewhere too! LoL ^^

  2. I found your blog through your comment /entry in my style blog FabGabBlog.com. Cute blog! I’m originally from Mi too (Bay City).
    Anyways, if you’re looking for more bloggers to feature, please consider me!

    • Thank you! I am actually naturally blonde. I dye my hair using Loreal Feria #74, deep copper.
      It’s very bright for the first few days, but will slowly fade.
      I also only wash my hair twice a week, using dry shampoo the other days. It helps the color to last longer, at least for me!

      • so funny, I am a blonde too and dye my hair red using the exact same color. I just discovered dry shampoo and it rules! definitely helps with prolonging the inevitable fade! Love your blog by the way!

        • I also use that Loreal everpure shampoo- it’s the only shampoo I’ve found that’s really gentle on my hair and doesn’t strip out the color too 🙂

  3. Hi! I found your blog searching for “Michigan blogger networks” and saw you hosted a Blogger MeetUp last year. Do you still do these? I’m in Ann Arbor, and haven’t found any such group, even with all my searching…

    • Hey Alicia!
      I’ve been on a bit of a blog hiatus the past year, but I’d love to try to do another blogger get together. Feel free to email me (vinylahoy at gmail.com) and we can chat! I’m also in Ann Arbor 🙂

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