The cerulean sweater

IMG_1353 IMG_1348

Cardigan: Marshalls, c/o my mother (similar, similar, similar– awesome sleeve detail!)
Top: Gap (similar)
Pants: LOFT, last fall
Earrings: Muse, birthday gift (they’re fake druzy quartz)
Shoes: Toms (exact)

My mom has this sweater in white. Guess what we both wore today? Like mother, like daughter! Also, it was snowing today. SNOWING! I’m kind of excited and scared. Snow is awesome but snow at the end of April is scary, amiright? Global warming and all that.

We’ve discussed Loafy’s daredevil tendencies before, I believe. She walked back and forth on this railing the entire time I was taking photos. Crazy cat!


3 thoughts on “The cerulean sweater

  1. So funny you mention global warming. We just ended a small storm (which preceded a much bigger blizzard which proceeded a three others) and I was thinking about how weird that was too! My sister and I have been having a lot of similar outfit days lately too–it’s strange and awesome at the same time. You look so pretty here! That color is so great on you!

    • Thanks! It’s been snowing or raining here all week. Thankfully we haven’t gotten flooding like the west side of the state, but it’s crazy!

  2. Late comment… finally started reading blogs again. 🙂 I think that shade of blue suits you perfectly. 🙂

    I get mini-heart attacks whenever you post a picture of Loafy on the railings. T.T

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