The long and the short of an explaination

some favorite outfits
Some of my favorite outfits

Over the past two years I’ve had quite a few of you inquire my whereabouts and make sure I was doing OK. I also promised to give you an explanation of what happened and why I stopped blogging.

My life has changed in many ways in a short amount of time. Most of you know that I lost my dad and subsequently started a new job. That job was a great learning experience, both personally and professionally. I stopped feeling the need to blog my outfits because the dress code there was very open and flexible. The CEO wore sweatpants, as did a handful of other employees. I’ve never been one to wear sweatpants to work and even though it was OK to do so there, I never did. However, I did end up with a uniform of sorts in the form of jeans, t-shirts and cardigans. So that’s what I wore nearly every day. At some point I decided that this type of outfit wasn’t worth documenting, because it wasn’t anything new or exciting. I figured that unless I was showing a variety of outfit types, I, along with readers, would get bored.

I was also faced with a coworker who would consistently question my sartorial choices and make fun of them, to my face, if she deemed them unworthy. For example, I do not wear matching socks very often. No one sees my socks and I always seem to get a hole in one sock, but not both. Rather than get rid of both socks, I keep the good one and wear it with another that doesn’t have a match. I don’t think it’s odd, but she did. I wore a pair of Halloween socks in April and she started informing me how it’s not Halloween and how stupid they looked. She did this in front of other coworkers and made me feel about three inches tall, because they’re socks, yet I felt embarrassed for wearing them. They didn’t affect my ability to do my job, but the fact that they impacted her life so much so that she had to tell me why I looked stupid made me begin to question why I wore them.

On another occasion, this coworker told me that I needed to make sure I “ didn’t look better” than her, as we were going on a presentation together, and I traditionally wear a suit for presentations. After this type of verbal harassment continued on a strangely consistent basis, I was in no mood to take photos of a mediocre outfit I had worn that day.

Around this same time Joe and I began house-hunting and packing up our belongings with the hopes of moving into our very own house before the end of 2012. Then, one week after my 27th birthday, I went into work after putting an offer in on a house and I was told I was being laid off. You’d think with all my newly found free time I’d have time to blog again, right? Not exactly. Now I was wearing yoga pants along with my t-shirts and spending my time applying for new jobs, reading books and sorting out all the stuff Joe and I had hurriedly packed up to move into a house, which we obviously didn’t get because we lost my income.

And that brings us to today. I’m still looking for a full-time gig, and have been applying like a madman. I’d love to be able to showcase my style again, because it’s changed, as have I. I am not pairing insane color combinations together any longer, or wearing bright colors all the time. This week I’ve worn mostly black, grey and white, if you can believe it. My style has become less “WEAR ALL THE THINGS!” and has become much more “how can I look like an almost 30-year-old, while maintaining my sense of self and level of professionalism.” I’ve also started trying to maintain a master list of what I own, so I can choose better items to incorporate. Right now that lives on Pinterest, and is nowhere near an exhaustive list. I’m working on it. I have some plans and ideas to revive my wardrobe, my blog and myself. Hopefully I’ll begin to feel more like myself again, and more like myself than I have in the past two years.


9 thoughts on “The long and the short of an explaination

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this with us Suze. I really appreciate your honesty. It is such a bummer that someone else was so rude and nasty to you! I have someone in my office like that too, actually. For example, for Christmas she got me a pedicure, which threw me off because we don’t get along. Then she told me that she did because “well . . . she’s seen my toes.” How rude right??? And for the record, I wear Christmas and Halloween socks all year round–so what?? I have very much missed your blogging. Very much. You were always inspirational, I thought. I liked that you were genuine and original. I hope you come back to it soon. Good luck with the new job! And don’t worry, I’m sure everything will be right again. Time has a way, you know?

    • Thanks Frannie! I can’t believe the nerve of some people! It’s one thing to say, “hey, pedicure are fun!” But another to say its because of your toes. Ugh. I’ve got some new posts up my sleeve and am excited to be back! 🙂

  2. Hi Suze,

    Thank you so much for writing this, and I really appreciate your honesty. The last two years just sound like the worst possible growing pains, but I’m sure you and Joe will come out stronger because of it. Thinking of you! 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah! I actually wrote it last week but sat on it, because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too “woe is me” because that wasn’t the point. Everyone goes through crap in their lives, mine just seemed to be within a small timeframe!

  3. I will never understand mean women, especially in the workplace. Aren’t we all supposed to be profession and grown up by now?? And I mean, c’mon: As women, we should all be helping each other out, particularly in the workplace, instead of throwing each other under the bus.

    I haven’t blogged in a full year…I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently, and would love to get back on the bandwagon. But, like you, I’ve had a lot of changes in the past year! And I needed time to focus on those things. Sometimes a break is nice, and with some reflection, I’m sure you (and I) will find our place 🙂 Have faith and courage! Job hunting *sucks*, but seems to be a necessary evil at times.

    Much love!! ❤

  4. Glad that you’re back! I always enjoyed your posts… What a jerk in your office! I was just saying 2 minutes ago that I don’t believe in matching socks. It’s wasteful when you lose one and don’t continue to wear one of the same texture. You are awesome and that mady just couldn’t handle it. Good luck on everything and welcome back (for as much or as little as you feel like!)

  5. Suze, keep the faith – the perfect job is just waiting for the right moment to reveal itself. Also wanted to say how much I’ve loved reading your blog over the years and have always admired and been inspired by your sense of style. It makes sense that your tastes have changed as your life circumstances have changed – but if you ever feel like style blogging again, I (and I’m sure your other readers) would be glad for the continued inspiration! I have no doubt that your co-worker was intimidated by your creativity and so she tried to take you down a peg. I worked with a woman who used to make rude comments about the bright colors I wore – which caused me to wear even brighter colors and print combinations. 😉

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  7. I know I’ve read this before & commented but maybe I didn’t hit Submit or something. Anyway, I think what I said before is that I hate those type of people who for some reasons feel as if they have to mock your choices in front of other people. I was bullied once in my life & I hate that feeling. I learned to fight back… not that I’m telling you that it’s the right thing to do but these types of people must be told when to back off. :/

    I still think you’re cool & hey, mismatched socks are sooo in! 🙂 And hey, you have a job right now too, yes? 🙂

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