Is this thing on?

Hello those out there who still read this. It’s been awhile. I’ve been trying to figure out if I wanted to blog anymore and if I had anything worth blogging about. The job I started in 2011 changed the way I dressed. Instead of dressing in skirts and jackets, I wore jeans and t-shirts nearly every day. Why would I document that, and who wants to see that?

Now I spend nearly every day in yoga pants and t-shirts, another outfit that doesn’t need to be documented. By that reasoning, the very beginning and need for this blog had kind of ended. I don’t have any fun household DIYs or recipes to share. I don’t cook well, and I don’t think that’s something that’s very interesting to other people because of my lack of cooking skills (I do make rad mac and cheese, though).

I enjoyed blogging when I did it. I loved the community I felt, and still am in touch with many of those people to this day. I miss that part of blogging. I don’t miss feeling stressed out, wondering if I looked “blog worthy” or if I would have enough time and light to take my photos before the sun set.


So this is where I decide what I want to do. My whole reasoning behind wanting/needing an outlet for my outfits was because I of where I worked and that I wanted to be able to express myself in an outward way. Because that’s changed, I’m trying to decide the next phase of my life. I’m spending most of my time focused on finding a job and purging items I don’t need, in case that job takes me across the country. In order to fund this potential move, I am planning to have a blog sale of my nicer and vintage clothing items. Hopefully someone out there will love them as much as I did, but will be able to wear them more than I did.

(This isn’t a “hey I’m quitting blogging” post. It’s more of a “hey, I owe you all an explanation, but can’t get into it right now, and I’m working on coming back” post.)


5 thoughts on “Is this thing on?

  1. im kinda at the same place as you — my blog is totally stagnant, but i dont think of it as done. im still interested in the style aspect, but i need to decide exactly what i want to do with it, and be realistic about how much effort im willing to put into it.
    your blog is still in my reader, so i will always read whatever you decide to post. 🙂

  2. I guess you know how much I miss your blog a lot… Your fashion posts in the past really helped me a lot. I was very scared of dressing up in patterns and bright colors but that changed since I started following you. And what I love about your posts is that compared to other fashion blogs, you don’t encourage people to buy this, buy that but be fashionable even in a budget. 🙂

    I miss your blog and Cher’s shoe blog too! Lol But I understand whatever you’ll decide from here. I wish you good luck on your job hunting. Is it possible for you guys to move here in Seattle cause I’m quite new here and it will be nice to have someone to hang out with. Haha! XD

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