Conversation Pieces wants list

I have a problem. I’m almost a month away from the end of my shopping ban, and I can already feel myself gearing up to add items to my already huge wardrobe. (I’m working on culling it down- more on that later).

One such place that has my attention is Conversation Pieces, who, lucky for you (not me), is offering free shipping through Sunday on any order.

While you’re placing your order, may I suggest a few things that I’d love to add to my closet that you can feel free to send me?

1. Castaway Dress
2. Apple of my Eye Dress, Navy
3. Fresh Appeal Dress
4. Polka Dot Affair Blouse, Coral
5. Morning Sunrise Blouse

Tell me if you buy something so I can live vicariously through you, OK?

(No, Conversation Pieces does not sponsor my blog, I just like their selection.)



3 thoughts on “Conversation Pieces wants list

  1. I’ve actually had my eye one number 4. But…I may have reached my limit on tie-neck blouses. My closet is pretty saturated at the moment. I just started a 30×30 so you and I will be not shopping together for the next month.

    • At least I’ve got someone not shopping right along with me!
      And I know what you mean about reaching your limit on neck-tie blouses. I love them, but I have too many!

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