This has been YEARS in the making

It sounds crazy, I know. But I have been waiting forever, or at least since texting became a “thing” when I was 19, for someone to incorrectly text me, just so I could mess with them.

Finally, it happened.

I was sitting at my desk when my phone lit up. “Whats carlos number?” Immediatly, my heart started racing. Realizing I knew no one named Carlos, I knew this was it. I stared at my friend Carrie with this twisted grin on my face. She stared back at me and asked “what’s up, Joker-face?”

“I have been waiting forever for someone to incorrectly text me when they’re trying to get someone else. And it FINALLY HAPPENED!” At this point, I stood up and started singing Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This.” Carrie choose that moment to leave (good choice, I must say).

I was ready. I thought about it for a minute, before responding. Here’s our entire conversation. I’ll discuss it below the image. (They’re the white, I’m the green).

If you’ll notice, my second attempt to get them to realize that I’m not who they thought they were texting, I mention that Carlos peed on me on Halloween (no, this is NOT from experience). They don’t even respond to that. It’s like that’s Carlos’s thing. It’s like it’s normal for him to go around peeing on people on Halloween. What madness have I stepped into that THIS isn’t even noticed?!

After this engaging exchange, I thought we were done. I laughed, Carrie laughed, my twitter friends laughed, and I was done with it.

An hour later, they responded again. I gave them one last attempt to realize that I have no effing clue who Carlos is, and I’m most certainly not giving them his number.

(The “totes” is in there because I had a Facebook friend complaining about the usage of that word. But that’s another story for another time).
Finally, I think they got it.

It’s been suggested that I wait a month, then text them back asking for Carlos’s number. *evil grin*

So, there you go. That’s my years-in-the-making-epic-tale-to-tell-the-kids. I don’t think they’ll believe me about texting not being a “thing” until I was 19 though.

If you ever find Carlos, let me know. I’m sure this person is dying to get a hold of him.


13 thoughts on “This has been YEARS in the making

  1. did you ever read the babysitters club? There was a joke Kristy’s brothers used to play calling people asking for someone then calling and saying they were that person and did they have any messages.

  2. OMG. I loved the humor of this. So funny. Are you sure you didn’t give out your number at a bar and were indeed hanging out with “Carlos”. You best text again in a month and give us the run-down again. Love this.

    • Ha, I haven’t been to the bar in years! I am not sure where this person got my phone number, but they haven’t responded since that last text!

    • This is the first time someone has incorrectly texted me ever. I got my phone number (the same one I still have today) when I was 16!

      Side story- when I was younger, my dad hated sales calls, and used to joke about telling them he was dead. So one day, I did just that. He stood on the other side of the room, staring at me with his jaw dropped. He was shocked I had the guts to do that. That was when I was maybe 14. Now, he’s been gone about a year and a half, and it still makes me laugh when a call comes in for him. I love responding to it by saying, “Oh, hold on a second. Please speak loudly, he lives in a box on the bookshelf.” People get weirded out (he was cremated, for reference)

  3. Suze – I’m reading blogs while watching a movie with friends. I read this post and busted out laughing at a very tender part in the movie. I got some weird looks. But seriously, this was great. Now I’m going to wait for my opportunity to try something like this. – Katy

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