Winter Pinterest Challenge: I Pink You’re Awesome

My hilarious sister, Cher, did an amazing DIY and wanted to share it with all of you. Her DIY earring holder is way cooler than my mesh letter-tray-nailed-in-my-closet job I did earlier in the year! Please show Cher some love. Oh, and did you know she’s a queen? She’s the Emerald Queen of Elmhurst. That’s right, you’re getting these instructions from a Queen! (and that makes me a Duchess. Woo hoo!)


Here’s my effort as part of the WINTER PINTEREST CHALLENGE (even though it’s 75 degrees in Chicago today)

When I was a wee laddie (or whatever the female version of that is) my mother purchased an old printer’s tray for me to store little piggy-related baubles on -mostly to keep it out of my if-it-fits-I-eat-it hands.

After hauling it across 3 states, losing half of the piggies, and finally relegating it to my basement storage unit, I came across this Etsy pin:

Printers Drawer Jewelry Display by Bluebirdheaven

$117 seemed like a lot (we’ll get back to that) So I made my own!!!

First I cleaned 15 years of dust off.

Then I drilled 4,983,234 holes (or two per “box”) This was difficult because you have to drill at an angle and also not go all the way through the REALLY thin wood. I think it took me one and a half “Holmes Inspection” episodes to finish.

Hand-screwed in the O-hooks (This took FOREVER… and my hands were very sore.) This is the part that made me think that $117 wasn’t so much…

Painted the whole damn thing BRIGHT PINK

Including the hooks (but that was my choice. You could paint first, then drill holes and screw in hooks if you wanted them to stand out)

Let it dry. (This is really accurate in terms of how bright it is. I LOVE it.

I shoved some corks in for my stud earrings (they are just hot-glued in)

I tried to hang it; realized I have no idea how to hang something that weights 20 lbs; gave up and propped it on my dresser instead. Ta Da!

$0: Free Printer Drawer (hi mom!)
$0: pink paint left over from painting my Bevkam stool
$0: paint brushes (borrowed from now-ex boyfriend)
$5: O-hooks

TOTAL: $5!!!  (but can totally justify the $177 being charged on Etsy; this is NOT an easy project.)


6 thoughts on “Winter Pinterest Challenge: I Pink You’re Awesome

    • You could do a scaled-down version with a wooden silverware tray. It’s MUCH smaller and would probably take less coaxing than this stubborn vintage drawer did. Plus, now that I have the space, I buy earrings left and right 🙂

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