29 days of tshirts

Welcome to February 1, the very first day of my 29 days of tshirts challenge. You keep hearing me talk about all these crazy tshirts I own, so I figured what better way than to showcase 29 of them?

Right now (as you’ll hear more about later), Joe and I are packing to move, so some of these you have seen before, I’m guessing most of them you have not.

So here’s tshirt number one:
29 days of tshirts. 1. Ghostbusters

(You can also view these on my Instagram feed. Since I take these in a mirror, I’ll flip them before posting them on my blog, but they will be mirror images on my Instagram feed).

And, simply because this amused me, I wanted to share that Cleverbot wants to marry me (I’m the black type, Cleverbot is the blue).
Cleverbot wants to marry me.



4 thoughts on “29 days of tshirts

  1. I love this 29 days of t-shirts deal. You go girl.The majority of my collection consist of sorority/high school tees…I would love some vintage band tees, etc. We should set up a t-shirt swap among bloggers. That would be fun.

    • Thanks Jess! My tshirts are something that never got proper recognition when I was style blogging, so I figure why not give them their own month?! I have so many, I have to choose 29 to show!!

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