Star Wars Uncut

You guys already know about my love affair with Star Wars. So when it came on my radar that Star Wars Uncut: The Director’s Cut had FINALLY been released, I couldn’t be more excited. Created by Casey Pugh in 2009A New Hope was cut into more than 470 15-second segments for contributors to fill in. In 2010, Pugh’s team won an Emmy for their work on the project. (BTW- Lucasfilms give the project his blessing!)

There are reenactments with toys, dolls, animations, Toy Story figures, salt shakers, pets – almost anything you can imagine. And, ta-da! You can watch the entire film, right here.

(Pause for getting popcorn…)


2 thoughts on “Star Wars Uncut

  1. How wicked awesome!! I will definitely check this out over the weekend. I love Star Wars too (with the box set to prove it! LOL)

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