Face Off: Water World

I wrote this post while watching the episode, so I was very much reacting to what was going on. Let me know if this is a good/bad format.

Episode two starts out at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. The spotlight challenge is to work in groups of two, find fish and be inspired. (there is no foundation challenge, unlike last week)

As a twist, Brea gets to choose which team she’s on, meaning her team has three members. She joins Sue and Rayce.
Another twist? The models will be submerged in water the day of the showcase, so the makeup must be waterproof.

(Someone do an octopus-style, please!! I would love to see tentacles or something similar to a jellyfish popping out of the model’s head.) But, I also foresee some makeup mishaps. What would this show be without some mishaps?

The teams choose their fishy inspirations. Nix and Jerry use a turtle as their inspiration. Oh man, teenage mutant ninja turtle power!
Ian and Rj go for a zebra shark. A lawyer zebra shark…
Beki and Miranda choose the same Leafy Sea Dragon that Brea, Sue and Rayce picked. They also admit that they’ve never designed something for water before, so rather than focus on paint, they’re focusing on fabric that will sway and move in water. Then, they turn their face into a duck/chicken hybrid. Oh man, I foresee a hot mess!

Jerry's turtle
Turtleman looks kinda exactly like a turtle… I mean, great detail, but it’s a true turtle face, which looks like a cartoon already

As is usual with these types of shows, there is always a group that clashes. So far Beki and Miranda are cat fighting about their design. Miranda is the youngest on the show (21), and Beki seems to be questioning what she could possibly know at her age. Obviously she knows something because she’s on the show.
Miranda seems to want to work together, but Beki keeps arguing with her. Get over it girl. You don’t have to like her, but if you want to be safe you need to work together.
FO water world
They decide to work together (good), and I was pretty interested to see their final design. They seemed to mend their differences enough where they were able to work together and bring out a fairly interesting looking creature.

FO waterworld

Creatures designed by: Ian and RJ; Beki and Miranda; Athena and Heather; Sue, Rayce , and Brea; Nix and Jerry; Tara and Matt

Finally the creations go to the water. Tara and Matt’s design looks phenomenal. The fabric they picked to cover the seams looks amazing and resembles scales really well.
(out of water)
Face off 2.2.2
(in water)

Beki and Miranda’s creation still had a duckface, but the details flowed really well in the water.
FO 2.2.3
(out of water)
FO 2.2.5
(in water)

The turtle was a huge failure. The choices of colors were comical, the shell detached in water. The paint wasn’t waterproof, and the model had a tough time breathing. I really wanted to toss him a purple mask and some nunchucks and beg him to yell “cowabunga!”

Turtle FO
(out of water)
Face off 2.2
(in water)

Athena and Heather’s lion fish was actually really impressive, and their model really played the part. Athena is a body painter by trade and she did a fabulous job. However, I do believe their model helped them get better scores, not that I believe they shouldn’t have had high scores.
FO 2.2.4
(I only have a pic of him in the water)

I was not impressed by Brea, Rayce, and Sue’s design. Not at all.

FO 2.2.6
(I also only have this one in the water)

And last but not least, we have our lawyer zebra shark. I like RJ and Ian, but this wasn’t well thought out. They didn’t take into account the clothing and how it would shift and move in the water, and they made the fin way too high on the model’s neck. But, it was a nice paint job.

FO zebra shark lawyer
(out of water)

Spoilers are under the jump.

Tara and Matt were the top two, which was totally deserved. They worked phenomenally together, had the best overall design, and the best paint job. Matt won overall, because the design and casting were done by him. Well deserved! (and go Tara for being in the tops both weeks!)

Obviously Nix and Jerry were the bottom two, and I’m sad to say that Nix was sent home. I’ll miss that mustache. He has a fantastic mustache. Personally, I’d prefer Jerry to go and Nix to stay, but we’ll see if Jerry does well the next few weeks.

Previews for next week showcase fully-nude models. Can’t wait!