One thing I bought (with a gift card)

You remember when I started my shopping ban? I said I was OK with shopping if I was given a giftcard. So, when I happened to get one for Christmas I was a little dumbfounded with what to do with it. I haven’t been shopping for myself in so long, the possibilities were (somewhat) endless. Do I want a new skirt? Top? Shoes? DVD?

It took me about a month to decide what I would do, which ended with me spending it on a video game for Joe, shoes for me, heating pad for my cats (I swear it’s not as weird as it sounds), and a movie. Yeah, got all that for $46.


My favorite item is the shoes. I found them on Amazon, in my size, and was geeked when I realized they were only $25! Betsey Johnson shoes for only $25? Crazy!


They’re a cotton print, with a metallic toe. I don’t know what I was expecting when I ordered them, but I’m really excited they fit. I have quite large feet, so sometimes shoes that are my size end up being a little too snug. And having never owned anything Betsey before, I didn’t know what to expect. But have no fear! If you’re in the market for anything Betsey and unsure of shoe sizing, they run pretty true-to-size.



The best part of the day has to be that black blur you see in the background of the above photo. Joe and I have been busy packing and sorting (it’s a long story, I’ll tell you all about it later), and some of the boxes are banana boxes. If you know anything about these boxes, it’s that they have these holes cut into them for ventilation. So, even though we can use them, I didn’t want the cats to climb in them and make a mess or anything, so I decided to toss a blanket over the hole.

Totally fixed the problem, right?

Wrong. Ruckus still climbed on the box, sank into the hole and has been sleeping there for three hours.


That’s my girl 🙂


10 thoughts on “One thing I bought (with a gift card)

  1. OMG!! Before praising the shoes, I just want to say: “Ruckuuuuus!! You’re so adoooooooooorable!!!” XD Can’t help it. lol

    That pair is so cute pretty! It’s so you. ^^ Good thing they fit perfectly. It’s tough to find shoes with the perfect fit if you’re shopping online. And wow, that’s a great deal at $25.

    Okay, back to Ruckus… lol she’s such a cutie pie! I wanted to pick her up and just hug her. lol XD Make sure to check the boxes often… or check where the cats are. XD

  2. I can’t comment with open id anymore? And gahh Ruckus is too cute- and atleast she was comfy right? 😛 I love love love those shoes- I haven’t owned any Betsey but in 2010 I was searching for a birthday present for my best friend, and I found a Betsey necklace at Macy’s for $22 and my friend still says it was the coolest present she’s ever gotten (because she LOVES Betsey as a designer and person). Love her. And that she sells much of her stuff for reasonable prices.

    • Sorry- I had to change some stuff around because I was getting a TON of spam comments. Now you have to be logged in twitter, FB or WordPress to comment. I hope that’s OK!
      I’m hoping I’ll be able to go back to “normal” soon, hopefully after the spammers have realized they can’t spam me!

      I have one pair of Betsey earrings my mom bought me, and I think it was similar as you finding that necklace- a lot of her stuff is really reasonable! I love her colorful designs

    • I would not kid about such a fabulous find! I linked to Amazon, where I found them, and don’t worry- I don’t use ANY affiliate links, do feel free to click away!

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