What have I been doing?

Well, I made it until January 13. Three months of not-shopping, with only three incidents where I purchased something for myself (not even with my own money either!). I made it through the one-year anniversary of losing my father.

What else have I been doing? Through my job I was able to meet Matthew Stafford:

I cut off my hair (five inches were taken off!)
New year, new hair. Quorra bangs, pink locks and it's shorter?! Woohoo!!

I started off the new year by taking one photo every day. So far they’re just in a folder on Flickr, but I’m considering blogging them.

I also wrote up a “30 before 30” list of things I want to do in the next four years. Some I’ve already accomplished! I left three blank spaces so I can still add to the list if I choose to.

I had the best/worst autocorrect ever
Worst autocorrect ever. My fingers always hit the "b" instead of space.

I also took some time to think about this blog and what I want to do. I don’t feel like I’m done with blogging, but I feel like I’m done with blogging about my personal style. That part of me is over and done with. Instead, I’d like to blog about what photo I took to represent that day, what crazy TV shows I’m watching (who else watched American Horror Story?!), maybe some of the books I’m reading, and pretty much whatever strikes my geek-heart (DIYs?).

I really appreciate the encouragement, comments, tweets and emails I’ve been receiving. Knowing that I needed to take a break, and that those of you who know what I’m dealing with know that it’s not easy. You can’t just wake up and feel OK knowing that a person you’ve depended on for 25 years of your life is gone. This blog has been my outlet over the past few years I’ve been working on it, and I’ve my share of ups and downs. I’ve had kind comments and rude comments; been put down for “always complaining” and for not dressing “well” enough; I’ve made some wonderful friends because of this blog, and have even had the chance to work with some great brands.

However, the way I see it now is different. I am no longer interested in sharing what I’m wearing, because it’s changed. I don’t wear cute skirts or dresses to work. I wear jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts – basically what I used to wear to class when I was in college – and I’m OK with that. My job changed, my priorities changed, my life changed. Every once in a while you may see an outfit pop up, but I’m fairly certain it won’t be in the same capacity it once was. If you’re here because you like my outfits, I thank you, and encourage you to follow my Instagram feed or my twitter feed, because I do occasionally post photos of what I’m wearing there.

For those of you still here, wanting to follow along with wherever 2012 takes me, thank you. To those of you heading off to remove me from your feed because this blog no longer fits what you are looking for, I thank you for reading it in the past. If you’re new here, hi! I hope you’ll find something you like here, even if it’s just photos like this one of my cat:

I will have a few review posts coming up, because I was working on them before my break, so bear with me while I transition this blog into what I’d like it to be. I appreciate your patience and your kindness while I figure things out, and I’d also like to say I’m happy to be back!


19 thoughts on “What have I been doing?

  1. So glad to you have back {in whatever capacity} Suze! Glad to hear you’re listening to your heart and blogging about what’s important and meaningful for you 🙂

  2. I missed you a lot! 🙂 I still check my iGoogle page to see if you’ve updated your blog already. I understand what you’re feeling now. I felt that too but in my case, I really stopped blogging… for me, it came to the point where I don’t know what to write anymore. I don’t have a particular genre like you (fashion). My blog’s just about the boring me… and it’s so childish. I felt like I just have to stop. :/

    I’ll still be here just waiting for you to post something here. 😉 I’m your fan of course! Actually your fan, Loafy’s fan and Ruckus’ too. Btw, Ruckus looks funny in that pic! So adorable!

    Thanks for making me smile too. That auto-correct fail made me smile despite the bad headache I’m feeling again.

  3. I was drinking a soda and almost did a spit take when I read the auto correct. That’s hilarious. (And we’ve all been there.)

    I enjoy your post (fashion related or not) and will continue to reading. And can you really go wrong with cat pictures? I think not.

    • Pretty sure (almost) everyone loves cat pictures!

      I didn’t even realize I sent that text to my sister until she freaked out about it! I was really embaressed!

  4. Welcome back Suze! I am glad that you are back and I will continue to be inspired by you in whatever capacity you decide to share. I did not know about your father and I am sorry to hear of your loss. Take care!

    • Thanks Frannie 🙂 I wrote about my dad earlier last year, but tried to not make it the focus of this blog. Obviously dealing with such a terrible loss did affect me and my blog in many ways, but I am hopeful this new direction will be inspiring to me and those reading!

  5. Suze, So happy to have you back! I personal read your blog because of you and not for the outfit post. I look at clothes all day so I really don’t need to see more!

  6. Yay! Welcome back to blogging, in whatever capacity that is. I’m looking forward to reading your random thoughts about TV shows and books and seeing the photos you are taking each day. This should be fun to watch the blog transition. I’m happy to be along for the ride. – Katy

  7. I’ll continue to follow…I’d been wondering about you, but only because I’ve recently taken 3 months off from blogging myself. The death of a parent is always significant. I know that when my father passed I didn’t feel right for a couple of years…and yet, other things emerged.

  8. I think a lot of people are changing the direction of their blogs. Perhaps the style blog era is coming to a close? I closed off the old posts on my blog and am trying to figure out what I am going to do, too. Looking forward to seeing what you do – and maybe stealing it for inspiration 😉

    • Oh feel free! Liz and I were talking about this today too. It seems like many people have started changing their direction. Maybe it’s a 2-3 year blogging thing?

  9. Glad to have you back and excited about the geeky stuff you’ll be putting on your blog. 🙂
    I decided to change my blog a little bit too. Less outfit posts and more about the stuff I like (tv, movies, etc.). I’m not into fashion as much then when I started my blog 4 years ago and I actually have some online friends who I started following not because of their their style, but because they have the same interests as me. I would actually be more excited if a company sponsored me to go to Comic-con instead of fashion week. 😛

  10. There are some of us who are going to read and support you no matter what you do. We’re here because of you, not what you wear or what you do, so follow your heart and the rest will fall into place.

  11. I preferred the more “geeky” you anyhow … i.e. odd Starwar talks @ IKEA! HA! Your readings are amazing regardless of what it’s about because it comes from you, an amazingly interesting person. Can’t wait for more!
    P.S. I miss seeing your lovely face at the blue box while I’m folding towels! We shall have to get a cinnabun & coffee, there or at a park to not conflict your “no shopping” status. On me, soon 🙂

    • Oh man, I talk Star Wars to anyone who will listen. Sometimes it’s very sad, LOL.
      I do need to come around and visit again. You’ll have to stop me from helping fold things, because I always feel like I should help!

  12. Hey Suze! So happy to see you back! I broke up with blogging a while ago and I completely feel you on being “over” the fashion part of blogging. That being said, I won’t be going anywhere ’cause I love your voice and always liked the variety in your posts…looking forward to seeing where you go with your new platform!

    Much love, Alya

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