Holiday gift guide: Geek

I use the term geek very loosely in the title. These are all items that I can picture gifting to my own friends and family, and we’re self-described as geeks, so please know that it’s not meant in any offense.

Five items under $50.

FRAK necklace for the Caprica or Battlestar fan $21

Golden Snitch bracelet for the Harry Potter fanatic $5

Star Wars printed tee shirts, $30 per shirt

Geek necklace, $36

Many mustache mug, $13

All images are linked to their source. No, I do not use affiliate links so please feel free to click on anything you’d like, I don’t make money on anything I link.


2 thoughts on “Holiday gift guide: Geek

  1. These are adorable, Suzy. This is random but every time I get into my drawer of tights, (organized well, of course), I think of YOU. I wear tights, like, 3 or 4 times a week. I always remember your post on organizing tights.

    Hope the holiday treated you well. I am mindful that things are different for you this year, my heart goes out to you.


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