Holiday gift guide: DIY

One of my goals this holiday season is to save money and attempt to make gifts, purchase them from smaller stores or places like Etsy. So for the next five days, I’m offering up a holiday gift guide of items under $50, many from Etsy or other small stores online. I’ve already made a few gifts for people this year, and am hoping to be able to find/make gifts for my friends and family that are interesting and personal.

Today I’m focusing on DIY gifts:

Reversible coffee cup sleeve (directions)

Braided scarf tutorial (directions)

Button earrings (no directions, but these are pretty simple. You can get stud backings at pretty much any craft store, and using superglue, secure on your buttons. Pretty simple and cute!)

Bath bombs – similar to those at Lush (directions)

Onesie with ribbon detail (not linked to a directions, but here’s a similar DIY)

All images linked to their source.


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