Yee Haw Industries in Knoxville

Aw, Jenni is so cute!
(Hi Jenni!)

When Joe and I traveled to Tennessee to visit Jenni, we sent a good portion of Saturday morning in a letterpress print shop called Yeehaw Industries. I found the place through one of those “what to do in Knoxville” guides, and Jenni hadn’t been there before, so we were all pretty excited to see what it was like.


It was fantastic! The walls were covered in different posters, even the ceiling was covered. The guys working let us take a look around the back (it’s their version of a tour), and one of them even went in search of a specific poster Jenni wanted.


They have an online store, which made me happy, because there were a few pieces Joe and I liked, but we weren’t able to take them home with us at that time. If you want to see what they offer, check it out.

(No, this is not a sponsored or affiliate post. We just had a great time at the store, and some of their designs are so absurd, I wanted to share. I will not make money if you click the link, nor do they even know that I’m sending you there.)


4 thoughts on “Yee Haw Industries in Knoxville

  1. The first thing I saw about this post was the poster that said “MALIBU BARBIE” and that struck me as really funny, and I’m not sure why.

    But, in any event, you definitely made my day brighter 🙂


    • Those posters are filled with really funny quotes and sayings. The Malibu Barbie one was a favorite of mine- really funny stuff!
      There were also some “overprints” that looked awesome, but aren’t listed on their etsy shop.

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