Goodwill’s fashion show (I didn’t trip!)

Well, Saturday was the Goodwill fashion show, and I didn’t trip. I’m actually quite surprised, because I’m pretty clumsy, and decided to strut my stuff in heels.

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There was a great turn out, and I’m excited to share some photos with you guys! Since there were a bunch of kids involved, I’m only going to share the photos of me, Joe and Katie with you. I don’t want to plaster anyone else’s child on my blog, so just imagine ten really adorable and well-dressed children, ages 3-13.

Katie rocks out her outfit that cost less than $20.

Joe looks very HIMYM to me.

You’ve already seen this outfit on me. My mom now owns the trench, and I own that sweater.

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I LOVE this outfit Katie put together. I think Katie bought all her pieces, which makes me excited. That colorful top was so cute.

We bought this jacket for Joe. It’s so old school, I think my dad owned a very similar one in the 70s.

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My second look was a really pretty dress and a wool coat with zipper detailing that Erika bought.

Both necklaces and the booties were mine from home. Katie also brought her own shoes, as did Joe.

Have I mentioned lately how much I adore Katie? Seriously. She drove all the way to Canton on a Saturday morning to walk in the show, and her boyfriend came to snap some photos. I wish we could’ve begged him to be in the show too, but I already owe Joe for agreeing to participate on his only day off!

In addition to all of this, Cari from Cash and Cari was on hand, playing emcee.

There were also some other lovely Detroit bloggers on hand, Erika and Inez. My mom even got out of bed on a Saturday to come hang out! (yes, I have an outfit post coming up with that crazy dress I’m wearing in the photo of me and Cari. You guys will LOVE it).

Probably one of the coolest parts of the whole experience was being interviewed by Pedro from the TV show Volunteers. It’s a new show they’re hoping to have on Oprah’s OWN network, and I’m excited I got to be a part of it! (I will work on finding a clip of it).

All photos (minus the one of me and Cari) courtesy of Boxfire Photography. Thanks Tim!!


16 thoughts on “Goodwill’s fashion show (I didn’t trip!)

  1. I’m really impressed with all the looks! Great job! Does this have anything to do with the new (probably not so new now) job that you took? It was a while back, but Katelyn Stanis connected us. Hoping you remember so I don’t look like a crazy 🙂

  2. wait – so before the show did you get to peruse through the racks and pull items to walk in? if so – dope! that trench is a score for sure. i’ve NEVER come across a trench that fits me properly at a thrift store.

  3. Yay!! You look gorgeous! The dress with striped look good on you. I also like the one you wore on the last pic. ^^

    Congrats Suze! This is really something. I guess I won’t be surprised if you will have more catwalk stints later on. 😉

  4. haha congrats! I’m actually working with Goodwill NY/NJ on a fashion show, but I won’t be the model but instead the stylist 🙂 Less pressure!

  5. that’s so awesome! You guys looks so stylish and this looks like it was an incredible amount of fun to be part of! I love it!

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