Carrie and Knoll’s wedding

(I love how Knoll’s looking at Carrie in this photo. You can see the love in his face.)

Saturday was Carrie and Knoll’s wedding (9-10-11!!). The location was four hours away from where I live, so I drove up on Saturday morning, planning to get there early to assist Carrie with her makeup (she bought it from etsy!). She’s a beautiful woman, so she really didn’t need any help, but I offered any way, so she wouldn’t have to worry about it (no racoon eyes!!).

I’ve been hearing about the wedding for months, had seen some photos and had discussed plans with Carrie at lunch. I was so honored that I was invited to witness their special day. I’ve only known Carrie and Knoll a short time, but they’re amazing people and an amazing couple. I had such a blast meeting all their other friends (I only knew one other person at their wedding!), and could immediately tell why they were all friends.

The bouquets were exactly as Carrie had described, and I love the shades of blue and green in the flowers.

Their cake was covered in a sand colored frosting and homemade beach glass candy.
It was delicious, as was the beach glass candy.

Knoll wore a suit that was picked out, piece by piece. But seeing him in it, you’d never know.
Sportcoat and tie: Haggar
Shirt: Stafford
Striped socks (not pictured): Richer or Poorer
Pants: Kohls
Shoes: Kenneth Cole
Cufflinks: Etsy

Carrie was just plain radiant in her dress. She showed me a picture the day she picked it out, and I couldn’t wait to see it on her. It was just perfect on her, and for the location they picked.

Dress: Davids Bridal
Necklace: Etsy
Hair flower: Etsy
Shoes (not pictured): Spring Shoes via me!

The shoes are a funny story. I wear a larger size in European made shoes, but didn’t know that when I purchased a pretty pair of vintage inspired white mary janes a few years ago. They didn’t fit, but they were only $10, so I was planning to just donate them, but I never did. Fast forward to a few months ago when Carrie was having a tough time finding shoes she liked, and I remembered this long-lost pair I owned. I offered them to her, as a backup pair, in case she couldn’t find any she really like (knowing she wears a size smaller than me). Well, long story short(ish) and Carrie fit perfectly in my shoes and they matched her dress.
I bought her wedding shoes two years ago, for $10. And, her family knows me as “the shoe girl.” It was really funny to meet her family on Saturday, because when I told them my name, they asked “oh, the one with the shoes?!” and I’d laugh and say yes.

My outfit wasn’t nearly as interesting as the rest of the wedding, but I really need to sing my praises for this dress. I drove 200 miles without realizing I didn’t have an extra bra, so I only had one choice to wear, and it was lime green (poor planning on my part, I know). But you couldn’t tell at all. The lining of this dress is amazing, and on top of that, many of Carrie’s friends and family complimented the dress. So kudos Karen Kane, this is an awesome dress!
Dress: c/o Karen Kane
Belt: Forever 21
Bracelet: Anika Burke
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

My first trip to Ludington was well worth it. I’d love to go back, when I can spend more than a night there. Living on the east side of Michigan makes it difficult to spend time on the west side. But I swear I am working on it.


12 thoughts on “Carrie and Knoll’s wedding

  1. Wow, what a beautiful wedding! That cake is SO NEAT – I had no idea they could make beach glass candy. Gorgeous!

    LOVE that dress – it is perfect on you!

  2. hon, that dress looks HOT on you!
    i think im so used to seeing you in a more vintage/retro look, maybe more often with flowier, a-line skirts. this look just seems different to me, but i really like it!
    im sure they will be selling tons of that dress after this. 😉

  3. beautiful wedding! and her flowers and cake! I love them! That’s really funny about the shoes too. It was clearly fate. Those shoes were destine for her wedding.

    You look INCREDIBLE in that dress. I litterally gasped at that dress and then get super excited when I saw that I could also own that dress! This is a classic case of things that look better on real people, because the pictures on their site just don’t do this dress the justice that yours does. I might have to check that dress out as an option for my friend’s upcoming wedding!

  4. One, I want your dress! I think I am going to have to stop by the Karen Kane showroom next time I am in LA. Two, I keep seeing that cute bracelet that says “c/o anika burke” was that a tie on and if so how did it not make it into my jewelry collection!!!

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