Michigan Blogger Meetup September 24

I decided it is time for another Michigan Blogger Meetup.

This time, I thought it was be fun to meet at Nichols Arboretum in Ann Arbor. It’s a really pretty park with free parking! I’m thinking picnic blankets, balloons and a fun clothing swap!

The Arb is also pretty close to some of the shopping areas downtown, in case we want to head that way.

The meetup is open to anyone (bloggers, readers, significant others, etc). My only requirements: bring a blanket to sit on and clothing to swap (if you want to swap anything).

Please RSVP here:

*Edit- the form should now work (stupid plugins…)

And, in case you need directions to the Arb, here they are!

PS- in the case of really cold or rainy weather I am working on a backup plan, so please make sure to give me your email so I can update you in case we need to move the location.


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