Red pants, comfy top and new hair

Top: c/o Karen Kane
Pants: Express
Shoes: Target

It’s really hard to get photos of your new hair color and bright red pants when a storm is rolling in.
Yup, I dyed my hair. Some of you may be shocked to learn that I’m not a natural redhead, I’m naturally blonde (my eyebrows give it away). So now, my eyebrows are way lighter than my hair, which makes me laugh. I felt like I needed a change, so this is what I went with. Hopefully it will transition nicely into fall. If not, I’ll be back to bright red in no time.

I also need to point out this shirt. It’s so comfortable. My own mother tried to steal it from me. It’s drape-y in the front, and has long enough sleeves that I was comfortable all day long at work. Yes, it’s now 60 degrees instead of 95, so my body is having a hard time adjusting. It’s very odd here in Michigan right now. But, then again, the weather always is!


19 thoughts on “Red pants, comfy top and new hair

  1. As I first glanced at this post, I noticed that you really looked like a rock-star in the first pic! totally! I love the hair change, it’s amazing!

  2. Just thought I’d drop in on this one, found you through Kendi’s blog. I’m a natural blonde too that went red this past winter by using Henna instead of the harsh chemical dyes. Your new color looks great and I love the red pants too!

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