What to do with an extra day

This weekend, with my one extra day off work, was a godsend. Joe and I ended up tackling some huge issues that we’ve had around our apartment, including discussing the noise level our neighbors use. We’ve lived in our place for almost four years, and while these people are wonderful and very nice, they have surround sound, and our complex doesn’t have any sound proofing. That means we can hear their TV louder than our own, which sucks. We’ve brought it to their attention before, but, having had surround sound in the past, we know it can be annoying/difficult. For now it seems to be solved.

We also spent a lot of time sorting out our respective wardrobes, because we both own things that are of sentimental value, but aren’t really the correct size. So I tackled this mess in our closet:

Turning it into this:


And we also found Loafy’s hidden dryer-sheet pile (she likes to eat them). She was very mad then we threw them all away!

But my favorite part of the day was when I finally MacGuyvered my own earring rack in my closet:

It’s really cheap and simple. It’s a mesh letter tray from Target (about $3), some hooks to go into the wall, and voila! simple and cheap earring holder away from my cats. Now I can see my earrings without worrying about Loafy turning them into a toy.

What did you do this weekend with your extra day?


13 thoughts on “What to do with an extra day

  1. Haha, I can’t believe your cat likes dryer sheets, so funny. Kitties are weird. Pesky and weird and wonderful, as kitties are. I like what you did for your earrings. I just used my extra day to go visit my parents, they live 5 hours away so it’s a long trip to make on a regular weekend.

  2. I’m new to your blog, and OMG I totally have one of those mesh trays, what a great idea!

    Also, I am working on a post about going through my closet for the change of seasons and deciding what things I actually DO need to buy.

    And…I have a tabby cat, but he likes to destroy tissue paper and paper towels.

    Definitely looking forward to reading more from you!

    • Hi Louise! Thanks 🙂 The mesh tray was just some odd idea I had one day.

      Loafy is very deciving. She appears to be a tabby from the front, but is torie in the back (kinda like a mullet). 🙂

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