Jedi Angry Birds and birthdays

Top: Shop Ruche
Skirt: J Crew
Shoes: Go Jane
Bracelet: H&M

This is not what I wore on my birthday, but earlier in the week, and it’s proof that I finally fixed this top! I bet you guys thought it would be lost in the abyss of my closet forever. Well, proved you (and myself) wrong.

My birthday was very Star Wars heavy! Did you see the cake Joe has made for me? It’s a Jedi Angry Bird!
This is the birthday cake Joe designed for me. :D

My sister gave me a Darth Vader cookie jar and Star Wars cookie cutters. Every time I go near the cookie jar I start singing the Imperial March. I’m sure Joe will get really sick of it very soon!


17 thoughts on “Jedi Angry Birds and birthdays

  1. A darth vader cookie jar?! That sounds like pretty much the greatest thing ever!!!! So Jealous! And cookie cutters? Magical.

  2. It always take me forever to do the simplest fixes on clothes…but it’s always great when things actually get fixed!

    What a fantastic cake! I love the mix of Star Wars and Angry Birds. Have you seen the Key of Awesome Adele/Angry Birds parody?

  3. Love this outfit! That blouse is gorgeous. And loving the Angry Birds cake! I made K try to win me a little Angry Birds stuffed animal when we were passing through Reno, but no dice. 🙂

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