Pardon me, but I’ll be celebrating!


Sometimes I hate taking photos after work. Sure, I could get up a little earlier and take them in the morning before work, but I really enjoy my sleep.

Today I get to sleep in, and I am really excited about. I get to sleep in because it’s my birthday. So when the little monsters (cats) wake us up at six a.m., it’s Joe’s job to keep them out of the room and feed them. I’m sure I’ll be wide awake by seven though. I never was very good at sleeping for a long period of time. Now lounging on the couch, I am VERY good at that.

I took these photos at my mom’s house, on her back porch. It’s kinda creepy when it’s about the rain (seriously Michigan? What is up with all these storms?), but in the normal daylight it can be really nice and shady.


Dress: Anthro (on sale!)
Shoes: Target
Belt: Modcloth


One day I will own a home with a back porch as cool as this one.



24 thoughts on “Pardon me, but I’ll be celebrating!

  1. Happy birthday Suze! I hope you’ll enjoy your day. 🙂

    I love the dress. It looks amazing and wow, that’s a great deal right there! ^^ I looove the porch too. I can imagine it being prettier when the sun’s rays enters through. So pretty!! ^^

  2. I am a master of sleeping in. I do so on weekends often past noon. It’s not exactly a good thing. I WANT to get up early on weekends, to enjoy the day and the sun fully… but instead I crawl out of bed blearily at 1pm, even though I hit the hay at midnight. Woops?

  3. I do love love love this dress! The print and colors are so you and the shape of the dress is very flattering! Add this to my borrow list – when you’re ready to part with it of course.

    • Thanks Danielle! It was my parent’s back porch, but sadly now it’s just my mom’s back porch. We lost my dad earlier this year to a very quick battle with cancer 😦 He spent a lot of time making the back yard so pretty, which is why I wanted to share, and why I picked today to share it with everyone. It’s my first birthday without him calling me at 7 a.m. to wake up! 🙂

  4. First of all – happy birthday! Second, I love your striped dress! My cats wake me up at 7AM for feeding, and they will bite until I wake up. They wouldn’t dare bite my husband, but they know I’m the pushover so they go for me!

  5. Happy birthday!!! I hope you had a wonderful, and from your tweets it looks like you did 🙂 Your mom’s back porch looks awesome… I seriously thought for a moment you were at a vineyard!

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