tighten up on your reigns

Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Anthropologie
Shoes: c/o Wanted
Necklace: Anika Burke
Sunglasses: Ray Bans c/o Cheer

Sometimes I can’t take a serious photo to save my life. Or a photo that doesn’t look weird. Take these for example:

IMG_8876 IMG_8863

I decided I wanted to blow a bubble for one photo, because I thought it would be cute, until I realized I had no idea what I was doing. And as for the other one, I have no idea why my feet are so far apart! Cute outfit, but awkward poses.

And thanks for the nice comments on my last post. I wasn’t knocking magazines, but trying to describe why I don’t read them. I get the craft of designing and sewing and why it makes their items expensive, but I think it’s kind of ridiculous that designers and these magazine editors tell us (the consumers) what is fashionable and what we should be wearing. Can’t I just wear what I want and not worry if I’m in style or not? For the most part I do that, but sometimes, especially if I read magazines, I find myself getting swamped with the idea of “needing” this trendy item or that trendy item. It’s better for my mental health and my wallet if I don’t read magazines, because then I don’t feel like I “need” something to complete my wardrobe.

(See? Now you’re getting an inner look at my psyche, and I bet you’re not prepared for the way I look at the world.)


18 thoughts on “tighten up on your reigns

  1. I totally loved your last post, but it took me a while to read it (I’m naughty and read blogs at work), so I couldn’t comment, but I couldn’t agree more! And on a personal note, your blooper pics totally made me giggle! I love your skirt–what a great print!

  2. Love this skirt. The pattern mixing is done really well too. I didn’t even notice that there were different patterns until I was writing this comment.

  3. I don’t read magazines either. They just make me feel more flat chested than I am usually with their skin showing all over the place. I haven’t really looked at one since probably 1997. I love your gingham shirt!

  4. Ooh, cute! I love this pattern mix. I’ve seen that skirt all over lately and now I feel that I MUST HAVE IT.

    Here’s to awkward photos!

  5. I like getting a look inside your psyche! And OMG, I have my fair share of “what was my body thinking when it struck that pose” photos. I was thinking about you today, I still owe you a better reply to our chat on G+ a couple weeks ago. I’ve been so swamped. Yikes!
    xo, f

  6. I feel the same way about magazines. I don’t think I have picked one up in 2 years! To me they are a waste of space and money. I don’t get anything out of them except for the wants…

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