Nervous in the alley

Tank: Target
Skirt: Thrifted
Bracelets: H&M
Shoes: c/o Wanted

Although I’ve been back from Ohio for over a week, I am still posting photos from the trip! Liz took me to her favorite secondhand shops, and of course I found a few things! This skirt was one of the coolest items we found. There’s no tag, so I have no idea where it’s originally from, but it came to me previously loved!


Have you guys been playing along with the Strange Talk video on Youtube? I know a few of you have already won some pretty cool things! Please tweet me up, leave me a comment or write on my Facebook wall and let me know what you got. If you send me a picture once you receive your item, I’ll put them together on my Facebook page so everyone can enjoy! (I swear, that girl at 1:53 and 1:57 looks like me, but it’s not me. You know I’d be way too excited if I was in another music video!)

And speaking of Facebook, I’m posting a pretty funny outtake from these photos today, so just beware. I’m either doing the robot or the Charleston. It’s your call.


16 thoughts on “Nervous in the alley

  1. Ahh that skirt is so sunshiney! That big bold print looks incredible on you 🙂

    Hoping to check out the music video when it reopens (been listening to it anyway as it’s a very cool song), but the time difference makes remembering tricky! We shall see how I go.

    Thanks for alerting us all to such a fun and different giveaway!

  2. Cute pictures!! I love the second one, where the wind is blowing your skirt a bit. I like how your bracelets coordinate so well with the colors in your outfit! 🙂

  3. That skirt is great, what an awesome find! I never seem to have much luck in the thrifting department, I’d love to find a gem like this 🙂

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