My H&M’s got a Target (or maybe that’s my target has an H&M?)


Shoes: Target
Skirt: H&M
Belt: H&M
Necklace: Kie&Kate Couture
Sunglasses: Ray Ban (belonged to my mom!)


Look familiar? I stole Liz’s photo spot, because, well, I could! It was actually really cool to walk around the park where Liz takes her photos, because I recognized the places I always see in her photos! (Whoa- pay attention to detail much?!)

We had so much fun trying out different spots in the park, because, let’s face it, as self-photographers it can be very awkward to set up a tripod and camera in a very public setting. But because we could take each other’s shots this weekend, we were able to find some other really cool places, like this fountain:


And this really awesome archway. (Can you see me doing the Liz lean? That’s right, I named it!)


Alas, my photos will never be the same, because I’m back to using my trusty ‘ol tripod. Don’t worry. Liz will come visit me soon and I’ll make her take my photos again! Maybe you’ll see her in my photo spot on the sidewalk. That would be cool.

We also don’t need to talk about the fact that I’m wearing H&M and Target only. Let’s leave that topic alone.

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24 thoughts on “My H&M’s got a Target (or maybe that’s my target has an H&M?)

  1. Wow! Great photos! I totally know what you mean about the advantage if having a friend take your pictures vs the tripod. I love the variety and movement you’ve achieved.

    And I love that H&M skirt. I wore mine on my blog this week too. It’s so fun and floaty and most importantly-versatile!!

  2. Love the outfit Suze, especially the combo of black with little pops of pink! The location is great too! (I would be doing a little lean in that archway too! 🙂 )

  3. I love that you surprise us every so often with a mainly black outfit…. Is that weird? Black on anyone else is just that – black – but on you it’s always a little surprise because you don’t wear it every often. It makes such a statement when you do as a result. 🙂

    LOVE the fountain photo – so pretty! Your hair looks great, lady!

  4. After taking photos almost everyday with my tripod I love it when someone else snaps my shots. These photos are beautiful and I love the color pallet you used when putting together this outfit. Your pleated polka skirt with your necklace is beyond chic!

  5. Love that outfit on you! I’ve seen that skirt twice in my reader today and I’m so jealous that we don’t have H&M here because it’s so cute!

    You are looking great! 🙂

  6. This park looks like a nice setting for pictures! I’m loving this one with the fountain!
    my mum used to wear Ray Bans too…unfortunately they are to big for me!!!

  7. Such a cute skirt and I love the necklace! I don’t take outfit pictures very often, but most of the time I do the point-and-shoot-camera-balanced-on-an-awkward-surface thing. Fences, grills, lamps, etc. On the off chance I get someone to shoot for me it’s such a blessing!

  8. Yay for Cincinnati photos! This was such a fun way to start the night. I wish I had you as personal outfit photographer all of the time!

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