Mixing mushrooms and stripes

Mushrooms and striped
Top: Nordstrom Rack
Top: (underneath) c/o Karen Kane
Skirt: Anthropologie (on sale for $30 in sizes 6-12)
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: c/o Wanted

It’s Everybody Everywhere! That means we’re all mixing patterns today, but I’m pretty sure no one else will be mixing patterns quite like mine. Why do I say that? Because my shirt is covered in cutely drawn fungi.

Yup. Fungi. (Everyone says hi when my shirt walks into a bar. Why? Because he’s a fungi. Haha. *groan*).

I promise I won’t tell that joke again. Ok, maybe for a little while.

Anyway, this top is a reminder of my fun weekend in Cincinnati with Liz. You’ll hear about that later this week, but it pretty much began with a generic tweet, then turned into a “hey, four and a half hours in a car isn’t that long,” and a day later, I was sitting in front of Liz‘s place. I’ve never been to Cincinnati before, except to drive through to get to Tennessee, so it was really fun to stay for a few days, see the city and meet Liz’s friends (hint- they’re all as nice as she is!). We took tons of photos, mostly of each other though. I think we have one of the two of us, and it’s half my face, and all of Liz’s, so I was half there!

Well, enough of the trip for now. You’ll get sick of hearing about it by the end of the week! 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Mixing mushrooms and stripes

  1. Fungi??! LOL You are too crazy! Then again, you did an awesome job mixing mushrooms and stripes so you get a free pass with that joke! 😉

  2. That shirt is the shit. I’m kind of obsessed with mushrooms (I collect vintage mushroom kitchenware and anything mushroom-themed like a madwoman) and this shirt… looove. Wish I could find one like that…

  3. I thought it said your SKIRT has fungi on it, and I spent a good minute trying to find them in that first pic! I gave up, scrolled down and there they were – the most adorable mushrooms I have ever seen. They could only be cuter if they had little tiny smiley faces!

    I really love all the shades of blue you’ve got going on here, pattern mixing scares me but using similar colours definitely makes it more doable 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. hahaha the fungi shirt! Seriously, where do people find such awesome clothing items? I absolutely love it! That skirt is also adorable, btw. 🙂

    And just so you know, I found you through EBEW. 🙂

    • Oh yay! 🙂 I love EBEW! And the shirt was at Nordstrom rack. I was really excited when I saw it, because it’s so funny!

  5. LOL I really love your posts because of your humor. XD I really love this skirt. It looks cuuute! I thought the print on your top are umbrellas… then when I looked closely, I realized they’re mushrooms. ^^

    The sky’s so daaaark in the background. >.<

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