Lost at sea

Skirt: Anthropologie (on sale!)
Top: Shop Ruche (no longer available)
Shoes: c/o Wanted

Sometime in between buying this skirt, wearing this outfit and taking these photos, I never uploaded them to the blog. Maybe it was because they were kind of dark and were taking on one of those grossly sweaty days in June, but they’ve been sitting on my desktop for almost two months.

The thing that makes me even sadder is that this shirt doesn’t look like this any more. I wore it when I met up with Louise, and ended up spilling coffee all over myself. Well, the coffee came out of the shirt, but so did the thread holding up the ends of the bow! A simple enough fix, sure, but that means I’d have to find time and white thread!

One day I will rescue it from the abyss of my closet, fix it and wear it again. Just not today, because there’s a bag of Oreo’s calling my name and I think they take precedence.


20 thoughts on “Lost at sea

  1. Oh, you’ll have to fix it – it looks so cute! And perfect with this skirt!

    Speaking of the skirt, I take it the dry cleaning got rid of that oil? 🙂

  2. Bummer about the shirt! I wound up doing some sewing while visiting my boyfriend… sewing up all the shirt hems that had come undone in the wash, hah.

  3. I love the skirt and shirt! You must save the shirt because you look fantastic in it. I am glad you posted the pictures. This is one terrific outfit.


  4. Ugh! You should see the pile I have awaiting alterations. Most would just take a few minutes, but for some reason, I’m lazy when it come to this, too. I’m glad you snapped a pic the shirt before it meet temporary demise. I love it. It looks great on you.

  5. What a bummer about that blouse b/c I gasped as soon as I saw it!! And YOU want to live in MY closet? With my boring solid-colored separates? Girl. I envy your every article of clothing.

  6. I want that skirt!!! It’s fantastic:) I meant to write you back last week, was under the weather & super busy with work… Wanted to keep the convo going. More later.
    xoxo, f

  7. the shirt is so cute…you have to fix it! Although this is coming from someone that has a “must fix/tailor” pile the size of a small mountain…

  8. This whole outfit is so great! Bummer about the blouse, I hope you find time and supplies to fix it soon because it’s lovely.

    I found your site via Bloglovin’s recommendation and I’m so glad I did! Definitely following from now on 🙂

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