Where do you blog from? FBFF photo post.

This week, I am lucky enough to be hosting FBFF‘s photo post. So I asked the question of where you blog from. For me, I have a hand-me-down desk, in a room in our apartment. Not that exciting.

So this is where I blog from, usually with both cats trying to block my view:

Today it’s just Ruckus, Loafy is busy sleeping on clothes:

So this is where the blogging goes down. Next you’ll want to see my closet. But that is messy and will take years to organize, so maybe next time.

(Because I have a wordpress (dot) com site, I can’t integrate the linky thing, but if you click this image, you’ll see everyone that has participated!)


31 thoughts on “Where do you blog from? FBFF photo post.

  1. Aww, your kitties are adorable. I remember when I was growing up, my cat always tried to “help” me with my homework (by jumping on the desk and trying to chew on my pencils). My dog isn’t nearly as helpful.

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  4. you are so not going to believe me when I say this… but I definitely have that EXACT same desk at my parents house.

  5. love your question
    so fun to see where everyone blogs from and how they have created the space they use.
    thanks for hosting this!

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  7. Ruckus!! I missed you!! ^^ Ruckus looks very cuddly too like Loafy!

    I can relate with this… I dunno what’s with computer tables but my cats used to sit & lay down my computer table too. When I switched to laptop, they’re still there either behind my laptop or beside it. Or when it’s closed, on top of it. >.<

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