I’m in a rut.

IMG_8082 copy
IMG_8128 copy
Top: Target
Vest: Borrowed from Liz
Pants: Old Navy, DIYed by me, semi following Jenni’s DIY
Shoes: c/o Wanted
Necklace: LOFT, from my mom and sister

(Hair is following this tutorial.)

Like I said above, I’m in a rut. I’m just not inspired by my closet, which is silly because I have great clothes. But I’m just feeling very BLAH lately and I’d like to blame it on the weather, the lack of sleep I’m getting, or my new job, but let’s face it- it’s everything all rolled into one big ‘ol pile. I love summer because of the weather, but I hate it because I can’t wear what I want to wear. Even yesterday, when I said “damn the weather!” I was sweating when outside because of the sleeves. I’m just DONE. I love spring and fall because I can layer and wear whatever I want without the fear of sweating through something (TMI?) because it’s 8,000 degrees outside.

So, instead of being inspired and wearing something super colorful, innovative or layered, you get this. My spin on a lazy t-shirt and jeans day. It’s not the most flattering outfit, but I don’t care. It was comfortable, served it’s purpose, and my DIY job on these pants makes them summer-y and look kinda cute!

It was kind difficult to get a good photo of the hairstyle, so I ended up with many shots like this:

You’re welcome.



21 thoughts on “I’m in a rut.

  1. I like your outfit, and I hear you on the ridiculous weather. I’m not a fan of summer b/c of the heat. I spend most of my days in dresses or comfy clothes (jeans & tee’s, flip flops..etc). I LOVE your hair. I’m totally checking out that tutorial.

  2. I’ll admit, I’m used to seeing more jazzed up outfits from Miss Vinyl Ahoy, however even for a rut, the awesome hair braid with the whisper of haircolor tucked into your gingery goodness, is inspiration for me. Even you feeling “meh” has more personality than the average uh, bear. Here’s to some cooling winds to inspire your sails, Suze. xo. -bella Q

  3. GIRL. Don’t feel bad. I’ve left the house in a few oversized, tunic length baggy tanks & leggings this summer. Only when it gets super hot though. It’s hard to stay cool and super stylish… I’m finding comfortable dresses & bike shorts are working on best for me…

  4. I am totally with you on the weather! It’s impossible to come up with anything cute and wonderful when you are just hoping not to sweat through what you are wearing in some totally obvious and embarrassing way. Love your hair here and the scalloped hem of your pants is so very fun and summery. – Katy

  5. I love hot weather! We aren’t having ridiculous weather in southern california, but I know the weather in which you speak of….it is hard to wear anything but a very light sun dress.

    Your hair looks amazing – love it!

  6. Oh my lord, yes. This weather always makes me feel so bored with my closet. I wasn’t made for hot temps – I like layers too much.

    These pants turned out SO CUTE – You may feel this outfit isn’t inspired but I think it turned out great. Can’t go wrong with good jeans and a white tee. πŸ™‚

  7. I am so with you! I have been BLAH BLAH BLAH. I am sick of wearing the same thing and even cut WAY back on blogging because of it.

    That being said I love your hair and your outfit is cute:)


  8. You may be in a rut, but you still are pumping out posts that make me say I want that piece, or I can do that too. Love the capris. They turned out really well. Plus those shoes are fabulous.

  9. oh man I hear you. This heat makes getting dressed miserable and it makes being a fashion blogger damn near impossible. I just want to hang out in my apartment with the air conditioning on in my shorts and sports bra. GET HERE ALREADY FALL!

  10. Oh I have the opposite problem. It’s so frackin’ cold in the mornings here lately that it’s hard to wear summer clothes. I’m looking out the window right now, (Friday, 7:11am), and it’s so foggy I can’t see more than 150 feet down the hill. There’s got to be a middle ground somewhere, non?

    I still think you look fancy for being in a rut.
    xo, f

  11. i love the hair, the wedges, and the diy scallops. so cute.
    my complaints about the weather are that it is grey and humid and every day when i go out to take photos the sun goes behind the damn clouds!

  12. Yeah it’s hard to be inspired when it’s so hot outside! Cute DIY though and I love the hair style! Inspiration will happen again soon enough, I’m sure!

  13. Suze for being in a rut, you look super cute πŸ™‚ But I hear you, and have had similar internal battles myself. Unfortunately, dressing for me most days has been out of necessity and not a way to let my creative juices flow. Just think… it’s August, so only a month or so more of hot weather, yay! Keep your eye on the prize, and I bet everything else will fall into place πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  14. I like this outfit! Simple and comfy… πŸ™‚ At first I thought the pants really have that cut… it’s really cute. That’s pretty tough to do cause I can’t cut well using scissors. I always end up cutting unevenly. 😦

    LOL on the last picture! XD

  15. I couldn’t agree with you more about the weather! I turn into a serious monster lady being outside for more than just a few minutes over in sunny Phoenix and can never find something cool enough. I absolutely love your hair though, what a beautiful way to put it up and be cool but not just a blah bun (which is what my main rut has been)! Of course your hair color makes every style so incredible & makes me wish I could dye it this color. Super cute vest too & it’s def not a non-flattering outfit, you always look great.

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