The ducks are OK!


Top: Old Navy
Pants: Micheal Kors via Marshalls
Shoes: c/o Wanted
Belt and necklace: Forever 21

This outfit feels like a mix of something Kendi and Linley would wear, although I bought the shirt after Katie pinned it, so maybe that means it’s more her style? I don’t know. All I know is I am sick of the heat. I ignored the weather warnings and wore this outfit anyway, despite the fact that it’s like a sweaty, sweaty armpit outside. Yuck.

But, in happier news, the ducks are ok! What ducks, you ask? The momma duck and her three babies that were trying to cross the freeway yesterday. They were in the second lane of our five lanes, and it just made me really sad! But, my coworker was happy to report there were no ducks (living or dead) on the road when she passed by that same area a little while later. That means Sally, Huey, Duey and Louis all lived! (Yes, I named them.) I can have a good day today, because they lived.


18 thoughts on “The ducks are OK!

  1. Hey, I almost didn’t recognize you here with those swooping side bangs! and I know that sometimes you just need to go with what you want to wear, weather be dammed.

  2. I agree! Wear what you want, dammit! Glad to hear that the duckies are all right. I love the yellow gingham in this top!

  3. You know, I am pretty sure I haven’t thanked you for the lovely gold tie necklace you shipped me. So here is a very late thank you. I love it! it goes with almost everything 🙂

  4. YAY! This makes me so happy! I get to see my current favorite shirt and the ducks are ok. 🙂 I bought this over the weekend thanks to you letting me know it was on sale. It looks awesome with your hair.

    Ummmm… I need to get through my 30×30 so I can pop this baby out! 🙂

  5. Awww I am glad to hear the ducks are OK. The ducklings that hatched at work (all 8!) disappeared a couple few weekends ago. I chose to believe that they crossed the street to go to the nearby lagoon and that is where they are right now.

    I like your outfit – with this heat its hard to figure out WHAT to wear, everything gets sticky.

  6. OH man, I totally know how you feel when the ducks are crossing and you just have to watch and it seems like it is in slow motion. I’ve seen someone completely stop traffic before haha. I adore this shirt, the color and print speak right to my heart.

  7. I was so tempted to buy that shirt at Old Navy yesterday. Such a pretty color, and I love it paired with the white pants! 🙂

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  9. I love the vivid color of the blouse. We came across a brood of ducks like this near our Cabela’s. Traffic was stopped in either direction to let them pass! The momma duck was fearless.

  10. I applaud your bravado for ignoring the weather and wearing what you want! i have been wanting to wear my white skinny jeans, but I’ve been too afraid. Maybe now I’m inspired. Love the yellow gingham, too.

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