The one where I’m being filmed

7 19 2011
Dress: Anthropologie
Train case: Goodwill
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: c/o Wanted
Necklace: J Crew
Sunglasses: c/o Anika Burke
Watch: Belonged to my dad

Last Friday, I went over to my local Goodwill to help them out in a promotional video. I’m only in two parts of it, but they go through the donation process to show how things get from your pile of unwanted items, to the sale floor, and eventually into my hands.

This train case is one of those items. It was in the back, salvaged and to be sent to use for airport drills, but it was in such great condition, I asked if they’d sell it to me instead, and they did!

The video should be done shortly, so I’ll post the link when it’s finished so you can see my awkward performance!

I am really annoyed by the wrinkles on this dress. I can’t get them to go away! The skirt is suppose to be pleated like that green skirt I wore last week, but you can’t tell. It looks like I had this dress rolled into a ball in my dresser before I wore it.

Well, I kinda did…

In other news, Katie and I are working on a Michigan blogger get-together, hopefully with a swap part as well. We’re thinking the Ann Arbor area (sort of central to everyone) and maybe early September. I want to gauge responses, and we’ll get working on the details. So if you’d like to come, or would [hopefully] be able to, please let me know! We’ll work on formal RSVPs later.


15 thoughts on “The one where I’m being filmed

  1. this dress is so beautiful! damn anthro!! love it with the shades of blue in the belt and necklace. if we lived closer i’d probably find some way to distract you so i could snatch that train case. that thing is rad.

  2. You look like a doll! ^^ I love the first picture. The glare made the picture seem dreamy like. Don’t worry about the wrinkles on the dress cause I can’t see them that much. I guess the texture made the wrinkles look as if they’re part of the design. ^^

  3. Suze – You look adorable in this outfit! And I’m totally jealous and in love with your funky pink tips! I’ve been wanting to do that forever now! Oh and, I really like the color circles to show off the featured outfit colors. – Katy

  4. I wish I was in Michigan! 😦 I love this look on you. The dress is so cute and you can totally tell its pleated! Congrats on the video! That’s awesome!

  5. Oh my gahhhh, give me this dress now and no one gets hurt! 🙂 I LOVE IT! And this color looks so pretty on you! Actually, all these colors look amazing with each other.

    Can’t wait to see the video!

    Can’t wait to plan more of this out! I promise to email you back tonight! 🙂

  6. It looks pleated to me!! But mostly it looks just gorgeous. I saw that dress on the site, if I couldn’t have it I’m glad you could 🙂

  7. I fall more and more in love with Anthopologie every time I see a post involving them. I refuse to look at their site as it would just be mean to myself – being broke + cost of shipping = not really a possibility.

    I love that shade of blue on you and I agree with Katie, that train bag is a massive ball of awesomeness wrapped up in a bow weaved with more awesome. Seriously.

  8. I’m telling you, you’re a vision of loveliness in this ensemble. That train case is divine!

  9. oh my goodness another amazing dress. I love the shoes with it too! You look great.

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