I went a little pink-crazy…


Oh hi. What’s up? Nothing’s really new over here, except that I dyed some of my hair pink. And I got really dressed up for work. Dontcha love the tie? It’s perfect for those “whoops, I overslept” days.

IMG_7961 copy

See? Pink!

Top: Old!
Jeans: Gap
Belt: Old Navy
Shoes: c/o Wanted
Bracelet: Won from Kie and Kate

I didn’t bother doing the color scheme of this outfit because it’s pretty much pink, pink, pink and black. Kinda simple. And this shirt? I’ve had it for probably as long as I’ve been with Joe, which is about seven years. So I have no idea where I bought it!

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but back in college I went through some interesting hair color phases. Pink, fire engine red (similar to how Rihanna’s has been lately) and purple, to name a few. Even as recently as last summer I had pink streaks in my hair. I guess it’s in my nature to what to change things up, even it’s just for a short period of time. I use Manic Panic every time I dye my hair odd colors, and depending on how often I was my hair, it usually stays in for about two weeks. We’ll see how long this lasts!


14 thoughts on “I went a little pink-crazy…

  1. I loooove the top! XD And your hair too! I think I have pics before where I have colored the tips of my hair too but I think my friends have those. ^^

    I love pink highlight on hair. It’s cool but still girly. I love to put pink or purple streaks on my hair too. Been saying it for the longest time but I dunno I still don’t do it. I have to dye my hair first. I had it cut short weeks back and the colored part (light brown) disappeared now and I want it back. ^^

    And lastly, I looooooove your eyes! Let’s swap! LOL My eyes are boring, they’re so dark, not even brown. Haha! XD

  2. I like the ombre pink in your hair and I love the top. But the jeans are KILLER on you. Great cut and sooo flattering. ~ B

  3. Looks really really cute and I love your jeans. Makes me miss when I had pink hair too.

  4. Love the pink! I think it looks awesome. Also Hoooray! for wider-leg pants – I keep chanting “pleasecomeback pleasecomeback” every time I see someone in them.

  5. I love the pink in your hair! The tie is a cute touch as well. I remember back in high school, I had heard that you could dye your hair with Kool Aid (my mom wasn’t about to let me dye my hair purple for the reals). For the record, those people are full of ish.

  6. Your pink hair looks so cool! I really love how your red hair meshes with the pink ends. Cute tie t-shirt too. And those pants are amazing!

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