Feathers, glitter and hair bows

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This hairstyle is probably the easiest and fastest one I’ve ever done. It takes about three minutes and all you need is a hairtie, bobby pins and a brush.

Click the jump for instructions (I didn’t want to bog everyone’s reader down with 4,000 how-to photos of my hair!)

Start with brushed hair. Mine was slightly damp (only a little underneath).

Gather your hair where you want the bow to be. I chose a slightly high position on my head.

Use the hairtie and put your hair up, the last time pull the hair about halfway through.

Split the hair in half (this creates the side of the hair bow).

Fold the hair you left hanging down over the split you just make, creating the center of the bow. Secure with bobby pins.

If some of it is too short to folder over, wrap it under one of the sides of the bow.

Once it’s all secured, you have your hair bow!
(Ignore that I’m holding it. I had two bobby pins, and 5 minutes to take these photos.)


19 thoughts on “Feathers, glitter and hair bows

  1. Very fun! Trying to learn more basic updos this summer as I can’t tolerate my hair down much in this heat. Will try it veryyyy soon! πŸ˜€

  2. I love this ensemble cause you look chic! And my favorite is of course the hairstyle! Thanks for posting the instructions. I will try it right away when I get home. lol XD

    Btw, I saw the pink highlight on the tips? I also did that during high school. lol XD I dyed my hairs’ tips (about 1 inch of it). XD

  3. Ah, I’m so glad I read this! I was trying to do something similar, but on the top of the head, a couple of nights ago, following a You Tube tutorial, and it just didn’t work AT ALL. Your way looks so much easier – am definitely going to try this, it looks so cute on you!

    • I found some random tutorial on youtube as well, and it was just awful. I couldn’t do it! This was way, way easier!

  4. Love it! Now I just need some (A LOT) extra hair! πŸ™‚ By the way – loving the color on the ends – spicy, woman!

    The color of your top looks so good with the cream of the skirt. I alllllmost bought that skirt from Target but then veered away because I never seem to keep that color very clean. It always has an ink stain on it by the end of my first work day wearing it. πŸ™‚

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