The one with all the blues

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Shop the look: skirt, shoes, necklace (if still in stock)

BTW- if you guys ever click on a link like one of those above, it takes you directly to the store. I don’t do affiliate links, so I don’t make money off your clicks. You can read more about my disclosure here, if you’re interested, if not, let’s chat about my blue outfit that I blame Amy for.

You may remember her pretty blue outfit in her guest post for me a few weeks back? Well, I couldn’t get it out of my mind, so I wore this outfit today. I guess I’ve been in a blue mood lately! Maybe I’ll get back into a more colorful world tomorrow, but who knows. I could keep this blue streak going all week!


15 thoughts on “The one with all the blues

  1. eeeeenteresting. is the top navy? the pattern and color mix is so unexpected but really really great. i can’t stop looking at it. haha. –the addition of pink was brill. man i love that necklace.
    have a lovely day!

  2. Yay! I dunno which I love more, the back-revealing top or the cutesy skirt! ^^ I like the pleats of the skirt and the horizontal stripes. I also like the top’s sexy cut at the back. I think I can’t wear that here though unless I want to get my back sunburned. >.<

  3. This is the cutest outfit ever! so wonderful. The combination is great and I love the colors!!! The skirt is my absolute favorite and I just recently got a similar necklace. Maybe should try this too!!

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