An outfit post? Wha?!

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I feel like I haven’t taken outfit photos in such a long time. And to be honest- I haven’t! I haven’t taken a photo of what I’ve worn since I’ve been home from Jamaica. That’s almost two weeks! Well, I fixed that today by taking pictures of this outfit, which contains probably my favorite skirt ever. It’s long and flowy, feels super soft, but looks professional enough for work, and it’s my favorite color!

I know we’re discussed maxi skirts before, and how they’re not really my thing, even though I think they can look really, really good on other people. But this skirt makes me swallow my words. I don’t know if it’s the pleats or the fact that it’s not quite floor length, but I’m really, really happy with this skirt. If only I had it a few months back during that EBEW for maxi skirts. Or, if only it were yellow, seeing as how today is EBEW yellow day… whoops…


24 thoughts on “An outfit post? Wha?!

  1. If you think about it, you get green by mixing blue and YELLOW so you’re pretty much covered.


    You’re also covered because this is gorgeous and the way that skirt flows around you all summery like, it seems as if you haven’t even left Jamaica!

  2. Crazy love that skirt and everything about it: colour, fabric, accordian pleat and length. I was/am with you about the maxi skirt. Personally haven’t ventured there yet. Totally fine with the maxi dress, but the skirt, well, you may have convinced me… ~ B

  3. Curious—did you have to wear a slip or anything under this one? I lusted after this one SO MUCH, but the “sheer’ description scared me away. Fantastic outfit!

  4. this is such a great skirt! I know how hard it is to style one of those, but you definitely rock it. Still need a pleated skirt like that one!

  5. its so funny the way social media works, no? i read this early this morning – loved it – was getting ready to tell you so – got interrupted by a phone call – forgot ALL about it – then saw your message on the book – and here I am!!

    but seriously – you’re looking fly in this entire outfit super flattering and the colors are great. turquoise and green – who knew????

  6. I don’ think I could ever pull of that type of skirt but you look fantastic! The color, the style, the pleats. It’s all just so gorgeous.

  7. Srsly love this skirt on you! The green color is stunning especially with your red hair. And yay for outfit posts now that you are back home. Are you going to submit this look for the current Bloggers Do It Better challenge? It’s the maxi-skirt this time around and you rocked the trend. – Katy

  8. I haven’t tried a maxi skirt yet as I’m scared it’ll swallow me and all my shortness. You look wonderful in that green one, though! It’s such a pretty color!

  9. Very pretty!! i love the green skirt on you. I love maxi skirts though in general.

  10. Suze this is one of my favorite outfits on you!!! The skirt is feminine but not overly girly in green, and the black tee + statement necklace balance out the flowy look. Perfect!

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