Guest post: Meet Dwelling and Telling

Hey guys! While I am away celebrating my brother’s wedding, and enjoying a little break from work in the hot, hot sun, I’ve asked a few of my favorite bloggers to fill in.
Today, meet Linley from Dwelling and Telling! Somehow we found each other’s blogs,
started chatting on Twitter, and I’ve come to just adore this lady! She was great style, and works a great (and selfless) job.

Hello Miss Vinyl Ahoy readers! I’m Linley and  I’m stepping in today while Suze is out of town! I write on a blog over at Dwelling and Telling – a place for me to share my life, style, and whatever else comes to mind!
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purplewhite 072
purplewhite 116
purplewhite 106
{top: c/o jc penney, pants: gap, shoes: bandolino, earrings: c/o jess lc}
If you’re already a reader of my blog, then you know this: I am in
with white this Spring – and I’m sure it will carry into
summer. I usually don’t even wear that much white, but this year I
cannot get enough! It’s so fresh, and so clean (clean) – (Outkast?
Ok…). I also really love this particular look because there’s some
magical connection between these pieces and the lighting that makes my
lily white body look deceivingly tan. Or, at least, more tan
than what I actually am. Either way, I’ll take what I can get.

Also, wanted to note, I’m wearing neon pink lipstick (in honor of Suze
and her love of color), but the lighting in this particular location
was a bit too shady for the full effect. I tried.

Have a great day!

Linley, I totally took my hot pink lipstick on vacation. Nut sure if I’ll rock it at the beach,
but I can always dream, right?!


3 thoughts on “Guest post: Meet Dwelling and Telling

  1. Suze you are featuring all my favorite blogs on here! Love it!

    Linley, I love this look! You always look amazing in white!

  2. Hi Linley! Love to see you here! I adored that top, is so perfect for summer, I was not big into white much either but this year is all I want to wear, your hair looks pretty!

  3. Linley you have amazing shoulders and arms! That top looks gorgeous on you. And yes, you do look tan!

    Suze- enjoy the wedding!! You deserve a break.

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